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Windows 7 features

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Windows 7 Features Support

After a big bang entry, a number people are enjoying the distinct features of Windows 7. After the failure of Windows Vista, people were eager to know how Windows 7 will perform, however they were quite satisfied with the finer and smoother performance of Windows 7.

There are six versions of Windows 7. You can choose from Ultimate, Starter, Home Premium, OEM, Professional and Enterprise. Microsoft has offered various paths for installing Windows 7. People are now able to buy a new computer along with the operating system already installed in it. Furthermore, if you intend to upgrade from Windows Vista or XP, then you can accomplish this upgrade within a very short duration. In addition, you can do a clean installation on computer that you are already utilizing. This clean installation will take approximately 30 minutes. However it may vary depending on your computer.

The upgrade procedure varies depending on whether the user is running Windows Vista or Windows XP. Vista users simply have to back-up their precious data prior to selecting the Upgrade choices from the set up disc. XP Pro and XP Home users will need to back-up their data and after this select ‘Custom’ from the install disc. This Custom option will have the similar kind of effect as a clean install. It saves your old data into a folder known as Windows.old. After you select Custom, users will have to choose the partition of hard drive that contains Windows XP. Next, he has to follow the instructions for entering the product key. It will facilitate the computer to reboot as per the requirements.

Now let us have a look at the Features of Windows 7. First important feature is Taskbar and Aero Peek. The most important thing here is the new taskbar. You can say, it is one of the best improvements, Microsoft has made. Beyond integrating the lucid approach of Aero, a novel taskbar is remarkably superior to Mac OS X dock.
Jump lists are another wonderful as well as a useful taskbar improvement. This improvement enables the users to get recently opened documents in an easier way. Left-click or Right-click and then drag it on any other program icon pinned into the taskbar for viewing the list of files, which you have utilized recently in that particular program.

With advanced features of Windows 7, the user is now able to stream media files from one Windows 7 computer to another one, over the Internet and even out of network. More interesting thing is that the installation procedure is very simple.

If you are interested in enjoying all these features for accomplishing your desired job in a very finer and simpler way, then Save My System is here to help you out. We offer all kinds of data recovery, onsite computer support and IT security services at viable charges. For more queries contact our computer repair center.

What could be next?

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Windows Operating System Support

In spite of a major push for selling the much-maligned Windows Vista, users are not showing their interest for buying it. Almost couple of years after launch of Windows Vista, Windows XP remained as the standard desktop Operating System in business. Owing to increased customer demand, Microsoft has extended its availability thrice. After a lackluster sale in year 2008, Microsoft itself has estimated just 2% growth in Vista sales. Moreover, this growth is due to forcing customers to buy Vista to get XP "downgrades."

Due to this scenario, all the eyes were on Professional Developer Conference of Microsoft in Los Angeles the week before as Microsoft lastly took the wrap off Windows 7, which will be the successor to Vista due in early 2010. However, the reaction of the people is that Windows 7 is nothing but a cleaned-up Vista. It is basically having the same OS and same kernel, with some novel technologies thrown in. It involves the Surface-based multi-touch abilities. Furthermore, it consists of the great capability to ribbon-bar-enable their individual apps for finer performance and better consistency with UI approach of Microsoft. It is nothing radical but a polished version of Vista.

Cloud-based delivery of services enhances the browser and not the Operating System. RIA (Rich Internet application) technology renders those services. The evolution of application streaming and desktop virtualization facilitates for even finer and efficient apps to be delivered devoid of the weight of a fat Operating System from the client end.

All put together, anyone can visualize the whole scenario of the future PC. The client side Operating System like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X has become irrelevant over time. Beyond this, the browser has been evolved into a thin client that facilitates the PCs run services, which run in the cloud or stream from the datacenter. The novel breed of apps can be services that run by means of several technological advancements such as Microsoft’s Silverlight or Adobe's AIR and Flash. Both sets of technologies can run efficiently on any browser. Furthermore, they perform well with the main three Operating Systems of today including Linux, Windows and Mac OS., and Linux.

Legacy client apps can run in virtual machines, which appears to be part of the Operating system for user. In today’s world, Microsoft and Adobe may be the new Operating System providers.

If you are interested in knowing cool stuff about operating system then you can take aid of Save My System. We offer services for OS news, software upgrade and update, data recovery, IT security and SEO. We believe in delivering quality and nit the quantity of the work. You can get premium quality services at affordable rates. For more queries, you can contact our PC Tech Service.

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