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Computer Viruses Are Among The Worst Headaches Of Your Life

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Laptop Repairs

Oh no! Not again! Another computer virus? So what should you do? You could just reinstall your entire operating system, but this can be a royal pain. You could try to clean it up manually, but this process takes forever, and it's not always reliable.

Not only that, but it is a very intricate process. If you don't know exactly what you are doing, you may do more harm than good. (Not exactly what you want.)

If your computer is giving you error messages, it may be helpful to write down those messages, and then search for them online. Make sure you have exact wording.

If you are going to try to self diagnose your problem, you will need to know a few things. These things will help you on the road to a normal computer again. These things include: How the problem started, when the problem started, and also what the problem is. If you can figure out what the problem is, you have half of your mystery solved.

If you decide to search the internet to see if you can find out what the problem is, don't use the computer that is affected by this virus. Use a virus free computer that has an anti virus system on it. If you would have had a good anti virus program on your computer, you probably wouldn't be in the fix you're in right now.

If you are going to manually remove the virus, you will have to go into the registry of the computer and delete every file that is infected. You will need to be very careful that you don't delete something of great importance in this process.

If you have another computer that has a really good anti virus program on it that also has an external hard drive, you could try putting the virus infected hard drive in the virus free computer. You could then let the anti virus program identify all the bugs in the system.

You must of course use great caution here, as it is likely that you will give the other computer the same virus. This is especially true if the anti virus program is old or has not been updated in a while.

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How To Repair Broken Registry In Windows XP

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Computer Repairs

The most important segment in Windows XP is windows registry. The section contains the entire information on working of windows. How to repair broken registry in windows XP is the topic to be talked about. If this registry gets broken, it results in mysterious problems in the system. You may face sudden shutdown, blue screen or similar unexpected problems. Most times the problem is due to overload of data in the registry.

If too many third party applications are installed in the system, it chokes windows registry. Whole registry becomes like an unattended store- room in chaos. It becomes very difficult for the registry to traverse through such rumble and here start many random issues in your system. Before attempting to repair a broken registry you should make sure that registry is broken. This is because any tampering with registry data involves the risk of adding more issues to the system.

So, if you are facing a system slowdown, check for other reasons as the first thing. These include corrupted files or improper shutdown. These events can also affect registry. Use built-in hardware tools provided in Windows XP to do a disk check. This will take care if there are minor hard drive issues. Defragging can also be tried in such cases.

Virus attack can be the reason if your system is showing behavior. Repairing windows registry in such instances will not yield any results. This is because the crouching virus in your system is sure going to again affect the files that you are fixing currently. Scan and terminate all those bugs and then look for appropriate alternatives for repairing the broken registry.

If your system has too many applications installed, you must check for the total installed items through the control panel. There might be few suspicious applications that are installed on your system. Remove all the uninvited guests in your system that can cause random behavior of your Windows XP. All the faulty keys in your registry that were deleted by the registry cleaners may get restored because of these corrupted programs.

You can restart your system after doing the scan. Now if you are still having the same issues while saving the settings then error is related to the broken registry. Once you know that it is a registry problem, you can proceed with repairing broken registry. Choose an efficient registry cleaner by taking into account different factors like - user-interface, test results, performance etc to select the best cleaner for you. Make sure to run a full scan and once you get the results take back-up to prevent any risk that may occur due to tampering of registry keys.

Always prefer the registry cleaner that comes with the backup option. Manual backup is usually not very effective and reliable hence it should be done by registry cleaners. Make sure to save logs after running the scans. If your system is still not restored after the scan and restart, this indicates that there is complication in your windows registry.

Make note of all your issues. Try to find online registry cleaners for your issue description. If you have followed all the above steps then knowing how to repair broken registry in windows XP becomes very easy with the online available repairing tools. If all these steps fail then the only option remaining for your operating system is reinstalling the operating system.

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