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All In One Printers

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What is “all in one printer”?

An all in one printer is one wherein additional functions apart from being a printer are included. An all in one printer has multi functions. These include scan, copy, fax etc. These functions enhance the usability of a printer. Today most office applications require all these basic tools or equipments. Having all the features in an all in one printer provides many benefits to the consumers.

All in one printer or Multifunction printer (MFP) not only print, but also copy, fax, and scan. All in one Printer is less-expensive than buying four separate machines, is compact and save valuable desktop space, and is usually easier to set up and program. An all in one printer performs multiple tasks simultaneously such as printing while receiving a fax. The all-in-one printer is capable of reading several types of memory cards used by digital cameras including CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MemoryStick, Secure Digital and MultiMedia cards. All in one printer can network with several computers, can have its own hard drive for document storage and can even scan documents and automatically turn them into a computer file.

These include:

- Saves time
- Less power consumption
- Economical
- Superior quality
- Reduces workload
- Increased efficiency
- Reduced maintenance
- Easy to repair under crisis conditions
- Customized software available for network sharing
- Advanced models are network ready
- Almost all the printers are easily portable

Today many models of all in one printer are available. Various companies are providing all in one printers products. These include with or without any of the features like copy, fax, scan etc. Various companies offering all in one printers are
HP, Canon, Epson, Kodak, Lexmark etc. The “all in one printer” is available in inkjet printers, laser printers, both in color and black & white variants.

Some tips when selecting an all in one printer:

- Check the speed- Pages per minute (ppm) is the average speed printing black and white pages only.
Check the resolution
- Check the RAM
- Check whether it offers parallel Port or not
- Check whether it has USB Port or not
- Check its compatibility

Disadvantages of an all in one printer:

- Cost of using these forms of ink is much higher for making copies than using a regular copy machine (particularly if you use inkjet all in one printer)

Considering the above facts it is very clear that a all in one printer is much better option and a best office product. It is advised that you buy the best brands available in the market.

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