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what is CPU?

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A CPU, also called the processor or microprocessor, is the most important component in a PC. The CPU receives data input by the user, processes information and executes commands. In a PC, the CPU is housed in a single chip called a microprocessor.

The main purpose of the CPU is to execute programs. It does this by doing three basic steps.

  • The CPU uses it ALU (Arithmetic/Logic Unit) to perform mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Moving data from one location in memory to another.
  • Making decisions and jumping to a new set of instructions based on those decisions.

The CPU uses the following to perform these functions:

  • Address Bus: Sends an address to memory
  • Data Bus: Send or receive data from memory.
  • Read and Write Line: Determines if it wants to set or get the addressed location.
  • Clock Line: Uses clock pulse to sequence the CPU.
  • Reset Line: Resets program counter and restarts execution.

CPU Speed and Performance
The performance of a CPU is measured in hertz by its clock rate. The "clock rate" is usually used to refer the speed of the CPU. An Intel CPU with a clock rate of 2GHz will be about twice as fast as the same CPU running at 1GHz having the same system components.
Other factors involved in measuring CPU performance are:

  • Font side bus clock rate
  • Speed and amount of installed memory
  • Size of the CPUs bus
  • Amount of Level 1, 2 and 3 cache.

64-bit Processors
AMD and Intel currently have 64-bit processors released. Coupled with a 64-bit OS, a 64-bit CPU will drastically enhance the performance of demanding applications such as audio and video encoding, complex engineering programs like CAD and PC games. A 64-bit CPU can handle more memory and larger files.. The 64-bit version of Windows can access up to 1TB (tera byte) of memory.

Dual-core Processors
A dual-core CPU contains two independent processors integrated into a single chip. Both AMD and Intel have dual-core processors available. A dual-core processor is only beneficial if the software being used supports it.

Computer repair is the most important thing because, it helps in better performance. Computer repair helps your system get updated which helps in better results in terms of performance and reliability. Computer repairing includes software programs, networking issues, troubleshooting/diagnosing a hardware issue, computer fixes & maintenance. The performance of all Windows computers will degrade over time unless maintenance is performed regularly. A CPU works properly only if it is maintained properly. Save my System Ltd provides all types of computer repair services required for maintaining your CPU, PC, Laptop etc.


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