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A computer memory breakthrough announced by IBM

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computer support services

In the word of computer IBM on Thursday declared a breakthrough in the computer memory technology which is supposed to lead to the development of a solid state chip that will be able to store the amount of data a NAND flash technology can store but this will be 100 times better in performance and a vast greater lifespan. In the current period, NAND flash memory products like SSDs are able to store 2Gbit/sec. IBM has produced phase-change memory (PCM) chips which are able to store two bits of data per cell without any problems of data corruption which has previously afflicted PCM development from the start.

NAND flash memory is used in the solid state drives as well as it is embedded in computers such as Apple’s MacBook Air whereas PCM is non-volatile which means it retains data even after the power supply is shut down. PCM memory does not require the existing data to be marked for deletion before the new data has to be written and this process is known as erase-write cycle. In case of NAND flash technology the erase-write cycle slow down the performance and over time wears it out that gives it a lifespan which ranges from five thousand to ten thousand write cycles in consumer product and around hundred thousand cycles in the products of enterprise-class.

According to IBM PCM is able to sustain five million write cycles. It is said that even if it is possible to flash 3000 times which outlive most of the cell phones and MP3 players it is still that it is not certainly good enough for the enterprise that can do that in one hour. According to the manager of the memory probe technologies of IBM, an organisation or the consumer who is increasingly hold models of cloud computing and services which are more powerful and efficient are still in need of the affordable storage technologies. The team of Scientist of IBM have been testing multi-level cell for the past five months.

The chips are capable of storing two and ultimately three bits of data which indicates that it can achieve a level of reliability that is appropriate for the practical applications. PCM is not only able to serve applications of enterprise and cloud but is also capable of serving an extension of DRAM. DRAM will be continued to be used as the closest memory device to the CPU that is actively for most of the active data but at the same time PCM with its greater capacity can be made into use for the less frequently accessed data. The PCM acts like a repository because of its large capacity. At the time of usage if the data becomes hot again it will be moved back to the DRAM.

Other researchers are combining carbon nanotube technology with PCM in order to create chips that could sip electricity and that could extend the life of battery of mobile devices to weeks. IBM is not planning for the production of consumer grade products out of PCM.

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Get Windows XP Support Uninterrupted

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Windows XP support

Computers and information technology has spread all over the world. However, what makes computer run is most important issue. Besides hardware, operating systems are essential to get computers work for us. From the beginning Microsoft is giant name for its operating systems. It released many versions of its popular operating system Windows. It is used worldwide. Nowadays, Windows XP, Windows Vista and recently developed Windows 7 are the current operating systems used in the world. Microsoft provides complete help and support for all these operating systems.

Though Microsoft is providing Windows XP support for users, it is closing its support for Windows Vista and Windows XP for promoting latest Windows 7. However, popularity and wide usage of Windows XP enforced Microsoft to extend its Windows XP support to the users. Currently, it is providing Windows XP support for Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3).

There are numerous technical and business firms that offer Windows XP support to the users online. Online help and troubleshooting is facilitated through these support services. As per the recent report from web Metrics Company, Windows XP operating system is still on top. Though, Windows XP is completing its ten years nearby, it is dominant operating system over the world. According to report 52.4 percent people use Windows XP operating system for their computers.

This longevity of Windows XP is mainly the result of failure of operating system Windows Vista. However, regardless of survival reasons of Windows XP, report predicts that it will dominate well in 2012 till it is finally overtaken by Windows 7. For Windows XP users, this means Windows XP support for service pack 3 must be continued software and hardware upgrade requirements allow to switch.

In addition like many businesses, Windows XP support is necessary till new machines are rolled out in market with latest versions of Windows 7. Now Microsoft is going to release Windows 8 in coming days. Therefore, many business firms engaged in providing Windows XP support should continue their support for this widely used operating system.

Recently launched Apple’s iCloud is different from its MobileMe and iTunes. To use new iCloud with your PC, it requires Windows Vista or Windows 7. However, MobileMe and iTunes 10.3 both include Windows XP with service pack 2 in its support list. This is new strategy of Apple to avoid older operating systems. While releasing iTunes 10.3 Apple supported backward compatibility for ten year old XP system.

With the changing strategy of Microsoft, it is promoting latest operating systems like Windows 7. However, it is committed for Windows XP support for service pack 3. On it site, it helps to upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7 in stepwise procedure. If you have any problem with Windows XP, guides you to troubleshoot the problem. It has categorized the kind of problems.

You can go for Windows security service center in case of virus treat. For setting and configurations, you can select appropriate link on the site to follow instructions for setting different configurations in Windows XP. With wide range of sources of Windows XP support, users need not worry about their queries.

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