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Know More About Windows Help And Support

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Windows help and support London

If you are looking for help and support for Windows, surfing net you can get whatever information you want about it. Microsoft is world’s largest IT Company. Till date, it has given wide variety of products and solutions. Windows operating system is of Microsoft’s popular products. Windows versions are used across the world. From the beginning till now, Microsoft has revised Windows software to give variety of advanced operating systems.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 are some of the latest operating systems provided by Microsoft. Windows 7 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft provides Windows help and support for all people through its site It has provided many other sites including to provide all information and troubleshooting for Windows help and support.

If you are staying in London, there are many sites and firms that offer Windows help and support London. Save my system is one of the firms that provide Windows help and support London. It supports for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 systems. The services for Windows help and support includes upgrading, installation, troubleshooting, setting and configuring system, security support, partitioning hard drives etc.

In current situation, Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP service pack 2 in July and users with upgraded versions of XP with service pack 3will get continuous help and support from Microsoft. The help and support is extended for next three years. While support for Windows Vista, is ending in July this year. Microsoft is focusing more on new Windows 7. All users using Windows XP and Vista can upgrade their systems to Windows 7 using downloads given on site. Here, you will get step by step information to upgrade existing system with Windows 7.

This site provides wide range of help and support options for all editions of Windows systems. Besides that it offers help and support for Windows products like Windows Home server 2011, Windows Home server, Windows phone 7 Premium, Windows phone consumer etc. Windows help and support for latest Windows 7 include links for help and support from top manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus, and Lenovo etc. Opening these links navigates you to manufacturer’s site where you get help and support for windows and any PC related problem.

Microsoft provides different link sources to sort out different problems and queries about Windows systems. It includes links for top support centers namely Windows XP support center, Windows Vista support center, Windows 7 support center, office support center etc. Along with these links, it offers links for fix it solution center, Virus and security support center, product activation support center etc. All support centers and sites provide information in around 35 different languages.

Along with this authorized Windows help and support London from Microsoft, many firms and communities, forum sites provide Windows help and support. You can discover those sites and links from internet just by searching for help and support you want. On, you can avail help and support by email, phone or online queries. With these plenty of sources, one need not worry about troubleshooting any problem regarding Windows.

Latest Information On Windows XP Support

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Windows XP Support

Among many operating systems, which Microsoft has launched in the market till now, Windows XP remains to be the most favorite operating system till date. Many versions of the operating systems like Windows98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and the recent Windows7 from Microsoft had flooded the market and are still flooding in. But, Windows XP has ruled all these versions from the past many years.

However, Windows XP has gone through many improved version called Windows XP Service Pack2 or SP2 and Windows XP Service Pack 3 or SP3. SP3 is the latest version of XP. Suppose, you are running Windows SP2 on your machine and do not want to upgrade to Windows7. You can, in this case, install Windows SP3. This SP3 includes all the previous release updates and some new updates.

The Windows XP version for the 64-bit, does not support SP3. So, in case you are running the Windows XP version for 64-bit with SP2, you can avail the most recent service pack. This pack will have the eligibility for support until April 8, 2014 and receive latest updates.

This is due to some recent decisions made by Microsoft to end Windows XP Support. Latest news shows that a desktop gadget has been released by Microsoft for Windows7 and Vista. This gadget waits till the support for Windows XP ends.

Other big companies and software officials think that Microsoft should stop creating new Windows XP updates after April 2014. These updates also include security, which could make the system unusable and dangerous. News reports that software like Windows Media Player and Microsoft Internet Explorer are unwilling on Windows XP install along with the Windows Live Messenger too.

Latest market news indicates that Microsoft is slowly ending their Windows XP support. While Microsoft still continues to provide support for a few versions, some other versions do not get support any more. Windows XP, released in 2001, has already had 3 significant updates.

These updates for SP3 pack includes fixing for security for keeping your computer safe from virus, spyware, and many other malicious attacks. This update also sometime includes other fixes and drivers for your personal computer to help in maintaining a reliable operating system.

Even if the new SP3 pack i.e. the latest service pack is not installed in your computer, you will not face any problem as such. Your operating system will continue to run. However, the main point is that you will not receive any latest updates anymore. Some users are loyal patrons of Windows XP since they have been using it over years. For those users, who are not willing to update their operating system to Windows 7, the best course of act is to make sure that the latest service pack of Windows XP support version is running on your computer.

The latest news in the software market is related to the launch of two new versions of popular browsers - Internet Explorer and Firefox. These two popular browsers of Microsoft and Mozilla are releasing their new versions soon. The competing features of the Firefox browser will continue Windows XP support
, while Internet Explorer will not. So, the trends are slowly changing in the software world.

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