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Windows Live Support Center For Windows Live Products

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Windows live support UK

Microsoft is a giant IT company engaged in developing variety of application software and system software for the computer users. It has developed a variety of products including operating systems and other applications like MS-office, Internet Explorer, Windows media player etc. For all its products, it provides complete help and support to the users. On its site, you will get comprehensive help and support in variety of issues related to Windows products. Besides that, it provides Windows live support to the users through its sites like windowslivehelp.cpm, etc.

All these sites providing Windows live support offer different links giving help and support in particular categories or issues. Live support refers to a sort of direct communication where you can ask your questions to the experts and get the answers online. You need not to wait for the answers for more time. Microsoft provides this support in many languages. Users can avail Windows live products like Windows live hotmail, Windows live messenger, Windows Skydrive etc.

The site is a Windows live solution center. It is a community for Windows live products and services. You will get Microsoft certified solutions on this site. By posting your questions on the forum, you can get answers to your queries. The frequently asked questions and answers can be viewed on the site. It provides information of how to use Windows live support center and many more. is also authorized site of Microsoft that provides Windows live support to the users. It provides various links like Windows live alerts, Windows live gallery, Windows live installer, Windows live events, Windows live mobile, Windows live mail etc. In addition, it provides Windows Live mesh and devices.

This site also provides Windows live products like Windows live people, Windows live movie maker, Windows live toolbar, Windows live Skydrive, Windows live photo gallery etc. Along with the products, any troubleshooting and problems can be solved using this site.

Through these sites, Microsoft provides Windows live support for games, messenger, mail, hotmail and its settings. Another site named is developed as Windows live help center. It provides help for different issues like recovering hacked account, restoring back forgotten password and sign in problems etc.

It helps in solving problems regarding Windows Skydrive, messenger, hotmail etc. For giving answers to the queries asked by users, Windows live support center use rating system to manage questions and answer those questions that are not answered earlier.

However, not everyone can be technical language proficient or have time to check out websites to fix their operating system issues. There are number of service providers in UK, like SaveMySystem, that provide on-going support to your Windows OS issues. They have technically skilled staff members who can detect, analyze and fix OS problems for you. They also have sophisticated tools to ensure full protection to your OS from any future crashes or corruption. Windows live support UK is thus easy and comfortable. Dial in your requirements to your nearest Computer services provider company today. Make sure you are calling the correct company though!!

Backup Your Hard Drive Division and Full Hard-Drive Backup

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Windows help and support London

If you look at backup strategy and importance of data protection; many small businesses do not know the significance of backup and they do not have the methods in position to execute usual backups. This can lead to a big risk of data getting corrupt or lost. May be they feel backups incur lot of time or money.

Backup can be taken of the data which is on high or low priority data and also the legal documents. The important data may include Accounts information, spreadsheets, official contracts, letters, documents, etc. It is recommendedto run backup of e-mails once a week. The precaution is to delete all spam mails before starting e-mail backup process. You should adhere to the law in regards to data protection.

You can have the advantage of free 5GB e-mail accounts supported by superior services like SugarSync and OpenDrive.

Many computers have in-built basic hardware to start backup. You have to think how much space the backup will occupy on the drive. Generally, the software compresses 50 to 80% of the area of your computer drive. Anyway, data storage requirement keeps increasing in the businesses.

Today you can buy up to 2TB external hard drives to store your data. And normally they are plugged in to USB 2.0 and firewire connectivity. You have an option of USB 3.0 for that.

You may look for NAS – Network Attached Storage. Since this is connected directly to the router, gives access for every user. NAS is cost effective too. Once the external drive is recorded onto a terminal, the Acronis software applications can make complete drive backup or any single file or folder backup directly onto the NAS. The disadvantage of NAS is it can damage network performance while backup process is ongoing. This is vulnerable to the deletion of data without the knowledge of the end users.
Compared to NAS disadvantage the online storage is safer. It is designed for the huge storage and useful as the emphasis on data security and encryption is increasing.

Breaking news
The InformationWeek has stated that just before some weeks Microsoft divulged Internet Explorer version 9 and now it is ready with a preview of subsequent version 10 too. The company presented some details with an assurance that browser would provide developers with the flawless support except for the HTML5 multimedia format; which competes Adobe Flash Technology. The authorized ones also routed the competence of IE9.

News: Some of the cyber groups in London are making phone calls to the Windows users pretending they are Windows help and support London experts. These fake calls tell you that they are from Microsoft Windows support group and offer to remove viruses from your computer remotely. Incidentally true, an IT manager was contacted by one of these trick players. He said that everyone should be alert for any of such unanticipated calls. The caller can sound genuine, especially if your computer is already suffering from any errors or crash. The error reports would never be submitted to outside sources and followed up in this fashion, he added.

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