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How to Recycle your Old Computer

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Laptop Support

As computer technology continues to advance at such a rapid pace, consumers are buying new hardware faster than ever before. This means our equipment can start piling up and eventually we will have more than we have use for. If you are passing down your older model to a friend, family member or co-worker, there is not much else to worry about when disposing of your previous computer, but if not there are a few things you need to think about.

It is important to know that you should make computer and laptop repair and never toss computer equipment into landfills. Thousands of tones of electronic waste are dumped into landfills each year needlessly. PCs, laptops, ink cartridges, software and accessories contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can leech into the ground and eventually contaminate water sources.

Instead of letting your old machine sit on a shelf collecting dust, find an option that is eco-friendly and responsible. Depending on the make of your computer, you could have the option to send it back to the manufacturer to be recycled. In some cases this service will be free, while some companies may charge you an environmental fee for the disposal service. If you are going to be purchasing a newer model from the same company, they will usually take back their old products in exchange.

Most municipalities have a system in place for collecting electronic waste. Look into the services provided for your area of residence to see if there is a nearby drop-off spot, or if your city organizes curbside pickup or community wide disposal days.

If your machine is still is good working condition, consider donating it to the many organizations and charities that have computer collection programs. These places will typically donate your old hardware to schools, libraries, community centers or families in need, or sell the items to raise money for a cause.

You can also try your luck at selling the equipment online or at a garage sale if the product is still current enough to be in demand. Websites like eBay, Kijiji or Craigslist are a great place to post your unwanted computer items for potential sale to someone who is in the market for a used computer, or who is in need of the parts.

Whatever you decide to do with your old computer. If you decide to take it for computer repair Montreal or other services, don't forget to transfer and then erase all personal data from the hard drive.

Specializing in computer and laptop repair, wireless network installation and on-site computer repair Ottawa services in Toronto and Montreal.

RFID Tags In Consumer Shopping

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You have heard of RFID tags, right? The technology that is in most ID cards so that administration or security knows whether employees are in the building or not? Well they are being put into much more than ID cards these days.

They are going into the clothing of most retail stores and even behind the labels on some tin cans. The situation is sure to mushroom.

They are the new generation of bar codes, but unlike bar codes, they can talk back and they can be so small that you do not even know that you are wearing one. I say 'wearing one' because at the moment they are mostly being put into garments, but the day is not far away when they will be under every label of every tin of food that you purchase.

Some shops have even gone that far already. Look next time you visit the superstore. Is the check-out clerk scanning a bar code or just scanning 'something'? If there is no bar code to scan, they are searching for the RFID tag.

However, if you had a bar code on your new shirt, you would remove it before wearing it, but an RFID tag is so small and so well concealed, that you may never find it.

Why would that matter, you may be asking yourself? Well, we are told that it does not matter; that people who do worry are just being unreasonable, but others see it as the thin edge of the wedge.

You see, in a city, you are never that far from an RFID reader, so potentially, if you walk past one, your shirt could be crying out: 'He bought me from Wal-Mart'. It could also be saying: 'I only cost 4.99'.

If you do not see that as a problem, all well and good, but what if you are walking down the high street and a loud speaker from a store shouts at you: 'People who buy their shirts from Wal-Mart normally love Wimpey Burgers!'.

You may think that that is a twist of fate or you may have forgotten that you purchased that shirt from Wal-Mart, but the tag sewn into your shirt will never forget and it will inform every RFID reader that asks it. Is that fair? You have now become a walking advert.

Of course, RFID tags were not brought in for this reason. They are used ostensibly to help trace merchandise from manufacturer to consumer - point out. They are very useful for tracing stock in a warehouse, but the fact is that these live beacons of their provenance are not turned off at the point of sale. If they were, perhaps there would not be such a hoo-hah being raised about them.

Is there a reason to be worried about these tags? Probably not, but then that does not mean that there never will be. What if you were on holiday somewhere and there was a smart bomb linked to an RFID scanner hidden waiting for an American and your shirt was screaming out: 'I am a shirt. I was bought for 4.99 at Wal-Mart, store ID 0001, New York, USA'?

Owen Jones, the writer of this piece writes on several topics, but is now concerned with the best RFID printer. If you would like to know more, please go to our website at Active RFID Management.

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