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Link your way to Googles #1 Spot by Outsourcing Article Writers

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Whether your business is offline and wants to go online or purely online, traffic is the key to your organizations success. Outsourcing offshore article writers could be the answer to your traffic problems. Article writing is seen as one of the best link builders and search engine optimization tools around. In fact if you were to write 100 articles using certain key words you would probably rank at the top of Google. However it takes time and effort to ensure it is done correctly.

In the world of the internet content is gold. It is essential your article provides the reader valuable information about your particular topic. You must provide original articles as this ranks significantly better with search engines. Although you are not permitted to directly promote your business there is always a section to discuss what you do and how you can assist the reader.

If you are serious about developing and growing an internet business then article writing is essential. Can you allow the time in your busy schedule to become an article writer? Many people like myself enjoy writing articles but if it is not for you then outsourcing article writing expertise is something you should consider. Search engines like Yahoo and Google rank one way links to your site very highly. Particularly if you have high quality content in both the written articles and your website.

The internet is the information highway. Search engines like Google still place great emphasis on the content and in particular the addition of original articles and blogs. The internet was designed to be the provider of information and many search engines still base their algorithms according to this. The algorithm is a set of criterion used to rank pages when doing web searches. Web 2.0 has created a new generation of people interested in 'swapping' information via the web. The bottom line is search engines and people love new high quality content.

Search engine optimization is critical for online businesses. Writing articles on a regular basis is perhaps the number one SEO strategy. If you are not prepared to put in the time or money to use article writers then your competitors will. Outsourcing article writers is one way to significantly boost the amount of articles and press releases written about your businesses products and services. The outsourced article writer can also submit the articles to online article directories. This in itself can take days and hours. There are many article submitting tools and programs but they can cost a significant amount of money and still require a substantial amount of your time.

Another benefit of outsourcing article writers is your ability to become the 'expert'. If you see someone who has written 30 articles on a particular topic then they will viewed as an expert in their field. Instantly you have more credibility than someone who has written the odd article here and there. By regular article writing you are showing the world you are an expert on any give topic.

If you are interested in article writing as a SEO tactic then the actual submission of articles and creating profiles can be extremely time consuming. There are hundreds if not thousands of online article directories so to do this will take days to submit your articles. Not only that, for maximum results you will want original articles on each directory as well. Do you have this many hours in the day? By outsourcing offshore article writers they can provide the time and resources to ensure you are getting article submissions at fantastic labor hire rates.

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