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Understanding Windows 7 Performance Optimization

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Before you can optimize the performance of Windows 7, you must monitor the operating systems critical subsystems to determine how each is currently performing and what is causing system bottlenecks that negatively affect performance. Windows 7 ships with many tools that you can use to monitor system performance. The monitoring tools enable you to assess your server’s current health and determine what requirements are available to improve its present condition. Performance monitor is a tool that you can use to perform the following tasks:

  • Create baselines
  • Identify system bottlenecks
  • Determine trends
  • Test configuration changes or tuning efforts
  • Create alert thresholds

Creating baselines

A baseline is a snapshot of how your system is currently performing. Suppose that your computer’s hardware has not charged over the last six months, but the computer seems to be performing more slowly now than it did six months ago. If you simply note that Windows 7 seems to be running more slowly, without any supporting statistics, you will not have the idea what is causing your problems.

  • When the system is first configured, without any load
  • At regular intervals of typical usage
  • Whenever any changes are made to the system’s hardware or software configuration.

Identifying system bottlenecks

A bottleneck is a system resource that is inefficient compared with the rest of the computer system as a whole. The bottleneck can cause the rest of the system to run slowly. You need to pinpoint the cause of the bottleneck to correct it. By making use of performance monitor, you can measure the performance of the various parts of your system, which allows you to identify system bottlenecks in a scientific manner.

Determining trends

Many of us tend to manage situations reactively instead of proactively. With reactive management, you focus on a problem when it occurs; with proactive management, you take steps to avoid the problem before it happens. In a perfect world, all management would be proactive. Performance monitor is a great tool for proactive network management. If you are creating baselines on a regular basis, you can identify system trends.

Testing configuration changes or tuning efforts

Make only one change at a time. If you are making configuration changes for tuning, and you make multiple changes at one time, it is difficult to quantify the effect of each individual change. Repeat monitoring with each individual change you make. This will help you determine whether additional tuning is required. As you make changes, check the event viewer event log files. Some performance will generate events within Event Viewer that should be reviewed.

Using alerts for problem notification

Performance Monitor provides another tool for proactive management in the form of alerts. Through data collector sets, you can specify alerts thresholds and have the utility notify you when these thresholds are reached. Once alerted, you can add more disk space or delete unneeded files before you run out of disk space. Setting up Performance Monitor and using its capabilities is a boon to you as an administrator to keep Windows 7 optimized.

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Windows 8 – Preview on Samsung Tablet

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Tablet computer is a tablet size device which has significant characteristics of the desktop computer. The tablet computer has touchscreen and it is rotatable. The use of tablet can be made to take notes and surf the internet. Though the interface is similar to laptop and desktop computer its process power is much more limited due to its size.

September 2011 experienced the launch of the first tablet operating system from Microsoft. In the Build 2011 conference in Anaheim, Microsoft introduced Windows 8, its new operating system which will operate on tablet. Users who attended the conference are holding Samsung tablet for previewing the Windows 8 operating system. If you were not present in the conference, you can purchase the Samsung tablet from eBay in order to test its functionality and discover the look of the new Windows 8 operating system.

But if you want to build your own tablet and run Windows 8 operating system on it without spending a lot of money, the following is a simple procedure that will allow you to use Windows 8 operating system on it:

    • Hardware for tablet: The very first thing to start with is the tablet (a.k.a. slab) itself. You can use any semi-current tablet. You can get them at reasonable price tags. You will be able to get Asus T101MT for $600 or HP slate 500 for $700 and many more semi-current tablets are available in the market. Although these tablets will not have the same processing power that Samsung’s Core i5 processor has, these tablets will help you to get your job done.Before you start using Windows 8 operating system on any of the above mentioned tablets or similar tablets, it is important to have a particular configuration which will support the operating system functionalities. The processor of the tablet should be of 1GHz with 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit operating system and 2 GB of RAM for 64-bit operating system. To support DirectX 9, it is important to have a minimum of 16 GB hard-drive space.
    • Windows 8 Operating System: There are a couple of ways you can transform Windows 8 operating system to a Windows 8 Developer Preview tablet.
      If you dont have an ".iso" file on your tablet, you can easily download one from Microsoft website. You can download the respective version of the file which will correspond to the RAM you are using on your tablet. Once the copy of the Windows 8 developer preview ".iso" is available with you on your tablet then visit the Microsoft online store and download Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool. The tool works fine with Windows 8 Developer Preview. You can simply run the setup.exe in the root directory from the newly created installation drive. You can also reboot the drive through your tablet’s boot menu.
    • Final steps to installs: After booting the system, install ".iso" mounting utility through clone drive on the tablet. Mount the Windows 8.iso on your tablet from the location you saved on your tablet. Once you mount Windows 8.iso then double click to execute the setup file for installing Windows 8 on your tablet.

Once the process is complete, Windows 8 will get installed on your tablet. Though your preview tablet will not work like Samsung Tablet, but you will be able to experience the functionality of Windows 8 operating system. You can enjoy the functioning of Windows 8 operating system on the preview tablet without spending huge amount on eBay and get embarrassed on your spending.

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