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IPv6 – will it be safe?

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Internet Protocol or IP is the basic communication protocol that is used across the internet world with the help of internet protocol suite. IPv4 is the fourth version of Internet Protocol suite and it is considered to be the first version which is widely deployed. It works on the standards based on internet working methods of Internet.

IPv6 is sixth version of the Internet Protocol suite. It is considered to be the next generation protocol which is going to replace the IPv4 protocol suite. More number of users will be able to communicate over internet with the help of IPv6 with the help of bigger numbers to create IP addresses.

Computer Network Security is considered to be a major uncertainty in the enterprise movement from IPv4 to IPv6. The IPv6 code is not tested on the current security products of computer network. Some of the users believe that features of IPv6 are more secured in comparison to the features of IPv4, which is not a fact. For increasing more security in computer network of the company, network security teams are working very hard. There are 5 major IPv6 security considerations that network professionals are having and they are explained as follows:

  • Security involves more than access control lists and firewalls. It is necessary that all the IP systems should be ready for IPv6 technology. The training for IPv6 is critical as compared to that of IPv4.
  • There are some networking systems that process IPv6 in software rather than hardware support for IPv4. This can lead to attacks that can exhaust the CPU power.
  • The operating systems that are developed in the current era have enabled the technology of IPv6 by default. The operating systems support both the versions of Internet Protocols. Due to this the interface between the IPv4 and IPv6 can be easily done.
  • The codes and standards of IPv6 are new and are heavy. There are plenty of security loop holes present in IPv6 and it is expected that more loop holes will be found when the IPv6 technology will come into use. It is important for the network administrators to monitor the working of IPv6 and find some alternative solution for the loop holes found.
  • The intruders are observing IPv6 deeply finding for new attack routes towards your computer system. It is important for the network support team to think in the similar manner to come up with some effective solutions.

New Opportunities: There is major evolution after the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. There are some new security challenges that are present in IPv6, none of the challenges are impossible if properly tackled. But Chief Information Officers are considering the transition of IPv6 as an opportunity for developing new security features. The introduction of IPv6 is considered to be the best time to assess the current security practices and architecture and to modify it accordingly. It will help to understand the security practices that are followed in the community.

It is important to know whether the intrusion detection systems and firewalls are providing sufficient protection to the computer systems. There are around 93 per cent of the systems around the world that are protected with the help of intrusion detection and prevention systems. It has also observed that firewalls have never protected the computer systems as per the standards they are designed for.

The technology of IPv6 has brought in many new security issues which were not present in IPv4 technology. It is important for the network administrators to understand the upcoming threats and design the network architecture accordingly to prevent its network from the new threats. So, the big question arises in the mind of network administrators is, will IPv6 technology be safe to use as compared to that of IPv4 technology?

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