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Do You Know How to Use a Proxy?

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Computer Network Support, Computer Support Service

It is well-known that Internet has proved itself as a cost and time efficient tool in the modern world. However, there are various web sites where your privacy is not secured. In that case, proxy comes in use. But the question is do you know how to use proxy?

For this question, you need to know what proxies are. Proxies are computer servers that help in surfing the online sites with complete security and good level of privacy. When a website is accessed with a proxy server, private information like your location, browser type, IP address and operating system is eliminated and proxy server acts as the accessing computer. It helps in hiding your computer identity thus maintaining complete privacy and security.

There a number of people ask the question that how to use a web proxy. Well, the process of using proxy is very convenient and simple. You just do not need to install or download any kind of software. All you need to do is to type the URL of any website and then all connections from the desired URL is redirected via the proxy script, thus showing that all the traffic is coming from the main proxy.

The proxies help you in accessing any of the online websites without exposing any secret or personal info. You can easily download games, songs, sharing videos, chatting etc without revealing any personal information.

After you learn how to use proxy then you can safely visit any of the online sites. This helps in hiding your personal info as filtering or blocking firewall traces only the proxy server instead of your personal computer.

So now, you must be well aware of how to use proxy correctly because this would help you a lot as you have enough confidence that your personal information will not get into the wrong hands.

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Painless Web Hosting Provider Transfer

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Wireless Network Support, Web Hosting Service

It could be that the growth of your business is quite fast that your web hosting company can no longer accommodate or could be that the site you have chosen does not have the right capacity for your particular needs. In any case, the best solution to this conundrum is to switch web hosting companies. There are a few steps to take to ensure the transition from one site provider to another is smooth.

Embarking a web hosting company change will be easier if you stick to your plan. To seamlessly transfer your website from one hosting company to a different company, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to understand, complete and then test each step of the process.

This type of transition will generally require three to four weeks of planning until your new site is up and running. After determing through careful research, you can activate your business site usually within 24-48 hours.

First, and most importantly, make sure you've done a complete back up of all of the files on your current web site, even if you have them stored on an external hard drive. You should always back up all important files. Backups are like insurance, you never appreciate having them until a catastrophe strikes. So, even though it may be tempting to eliminate this step, you may live to regret it.

You should always back up all important files. These files include HTML files, script, and database and server log files. To increase transition efficiency and simplify file downloads, create a directory structure that mirrors your web server's.

Following confirmation from your new web hosting company that your account has been activated and your file transfer protocol procedures are operational, you are ready to upload your files to the new server.

You shouldn't have any problems uploading your information to the new site, considering you already have your files saved in a similarly structured directory .

After following the above steps you may now run some tests on the other website to be able to verify that all modules are working perfectly.

The new web hosting company will provide the new Domain Name Server (DNS); once everything is working properly you can change your old one. The only thing left to do is relax back and let the hits begin.

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