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Outrageous Claims on SEO Ranking, Don’t read on if you wish to remain behind your competition!

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All the 3 below SEO claims are interconnected; they are all complementary to one another. Despite the fact that all the below claims will apply to most if not all search engines, notably the three main search engines such as: google, yahoo and bing; we will be using google as an example.

1st Claim:

On-Page Optimization is the 1st and foremost important factor to ranking higher on search engine results.

  • a- You need to ensure that you have a proper keywords research, to build your website structure around popular keywords people are actively searching for.
  • b- You need to ensure you optimize all your links titles, meta tags, keywords tags to rank for a maximum of 3 to 5 keywords for in most cases.
  • c- You need to have a high impact message, picture or video on your landing page, clear enough to catch the eye, and appealing enough to take action. This might substantially improve your conversion rate.
  • d- You need to ensure that your website codes can be scrolled by the search engines robots, and one way of doing so is to run the World Wide Web regulator ( validator tools. Unless search engines robots can scroll your website, your website won’t be indexed on their search results, and therefore you will never rank anywhere!

2nd Claim:

Relevancy of your links is the 2nd most important factor to your search engine ranking.

  • a- It’s quintessential to place your link onto websites related to the topic of your own website page you wish to rank for. Failure to do so, will imply much more effort that might go to waste and a lost opportunity to overtake your competitors.
  • b- It is true, that acquiring High GooglePR backlinks from relevant pages is the perfect and quickest option to the first page of search engines, but those links are usually an expensive commodity to acquire, but if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth your money because the return on investment might simply be great over time.

3rd Claim:
Consistency in your link building effort is key to your 1st page ranking on google search result:

If google robots consistently detect new backlinks on a daily/weekly and monthly basics, they have no choice but to reward you for your efforts. That’s right, your heard it right: google has no choice but to rank you higher for your consistency in your back linking efforts. They will rank you higher in their search results if they do see a consistent flow of backlinks to your relevant page.
Remember: Google search result is managed by a complex algorithm that is often updated to make it better and spam proof, but ultimately, it does follow a common sense approach to determine the popularity of a website online. You run seo campaigns in order to rank higher on the organic area of the search results! A simple definition of the word “Organic” is this scenario would be: “natural search results” and “natural search results” implies continuity in the effort you are making to grow the popularity of your website. It’s hard to emphasis the important of being consistent for you to guarantee success.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and the above seo claims are essentially all you need to outsmart your competitors and be on the 1st page of google search results. Save My System has a very good and experienced team of seo professionals that can run any size seo campaigns. Get in touch with us today for a quotation on your seo campaign.

How to Increase Blog Traffic

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With millions of blogs out there, how can you stand out and increase blog traffic?
Follow these 20 simple tips.

  1. - Choosing the right blog software is important. Make sure it offers SEO features, or can easily patch them in.
  2. - Without a search engine presence, it will be hard for new readers to find you. Make sure your blog is correctly indexed by all major search engines.
  3. - If the blog is part of a main site, it should be hosted on that site's domain, not on a generic blog host. This will help pull traffic from both sites and get better recognition on search engines.
  4. - Keep in mind that title tags have two main audiences: new readers, and search engines. Make sure your tags appeal to both.
  5. - Participating in other forums and blogs can get your name out. A user who is intrigued by your comments could become your blog's next devoted reader.
  6. - Keep and update a blog roll. This can help you make valuable friends in the blogging community; if nothing else, think of it as link karma.
  7. - Blog URLs should be human-readable. Eliminate confusing and ugly code parameters, and people will be more likely to share links to your blog.
  8. - Although RSS is not as popular as it once was, many still use it. Your blog should provide an RSS feed for maximum convenience and exposure to readers.
  9. - If you experience a surge in traffic, take advantage of it with more high-quality posts. Don't stoop to cheap tactics like aggregating information, as this will only confuse and discourage new visitors.
  10. - Tagging your posts on other sites is another way to increase traffic and search ranking. Don't overuse it, though, or it will backfire.
  11. - An approachable, humane writing style works best for blogs. Readers should feel comfortable with your blog.
  12. - You could choose to remove the comment feature until your blog is actually popular enough to receive comments. This way it doesn't look like no one reads your blog.
  13. - Check your blog's comments and respond appropriately to feedback. Mobile broadband offers can help you do this in a timely manner.
  14. - Don't comment on a hot trend or news item unless you have a unique spin on it. Regurgitating information from other blogs will only sink your search ratings and audience interest.
  15. - Use links wherever appropriate. Don't make your site look like a link farm.
  16. - Don't envelop the blog in ads. Too many ads is the sign of a low-quality blog that is overeager to make quick money.
  17. - Go beyond blocks of text. Pictures, charts, tables, and even simple headings can add visual interest to a blog.
  18. - Find out what people in your niche want to know and give it to them. Provide unique and well-researched content and the traffic will flow in.
  19. - Consider guest blogging, or letting others guest write for you.
  20. Write down the goals of your blog and fulfil them. This high level of focus is key to building a brand that audiences enjoy and that other bloggers and potential clients and partners want to associate with.

A guest post by Spencer Hogg from the Broadband Expert website where great mobile broadband offers can be compared.


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