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Gartner Report: Apple to lead tablet market with iPad2

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Inspite of threats from rivals like Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook, they will not threaten Apple's position in the tablet market, says Gartner.

Apple will beat the competition on pricing, applications and hardware specs

Its analysts figure out that Apple's economy of scale will help them stay ahead by keeping the price of the iPad2 way below the competition. Their apps and hardware will ensure retail and corporate customers will always trust them above the others.

There have been news of severe threats from tablets by other companies esecially Android based tablets and Playbook (RIM). The HP TouchPad is also not far behind. However with their customer experience and reach coupled with hardware excellence will always help iPad in this domain

iPad is a BRAND and customers will look for upgrades (the new camera is an awesome addition to iPad2) and "image enhancement" among colleagues and friends.

Gartner's team believes that other companies are unnecessarily trying to compete with iPad2 on hardware specs. iPad has mastered it already. So, they need to look at other factors.

In an extraordinary launch stat, the iPad2 sold more than a million units in its first week of the launch itself. 11th Mar - 18th Mar 2011.There are queues outside stores, lot of waiting time for online orders, etc... something unheard of. And this is just US.  The iPad 2 will launch in the UK and other countries by the end of this week.

Go for it real quick unless you have loads of time to wait for your favorite iPad2.

An Article That Discusses About Free Phone Chat And Why It Is Better Than Regular Phone Calls

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It's okay to admit that you really do not want to spend money on phone calls. Even though you miss your boyfriend, spending hours on the phone while he is in the east coast while you are in California really doesn't help keep the phone bill down.

Wouldn't it be a great way to talk all you want without having to worry about how to pay for it? The good news is that there is something called free phone chat.

This service is not at all new, and it is a relatively unknown technological freebie. All you need to do is find a way to get online the same time the person that you want to talk to is. Taking a headset and microphone, you can have the ability to talk as much as you want without having to pay a penny for the call.

The great thing about this accessory is that you don't lose any of the call quality that you are familiar with from regular phones.

Free phone chat is as simple as signing into any free chat site and using their platform to make your calls. In addition to chatting free with webcams, free phone chat allows people to stay in touch with loved ones and good friends in a completely new way.

Writing to loved ones is one thing, and it is another to actually see them. Add the ability to hear them talk and see them simultaneously makes this such a great tool that improves communication throughout the world.

The next time you feel lonely and far away from loved ones, try to use free phone chat services. Since they are so easy to access and simple to use, there is no reason to feel so disconnected with those that you are close to. All it takes is a couple of keystrokes and you are up and running with talking for free.

Call up your mother right now and try out this great application. Not only will you be impressed, but your mother will love this service right at her fingertips.

The writer additionally frequently writes about subject including fireplace blower and mosquitoes killers.

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