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Winkball To Launch Video Messaging Website for the Deaf in May

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UK's number one video site, and Deafax have joined hands to empower the deaf and hard hearing community. Deafax is a social charity institute that works for the deaf has helped Winkball to to launch a video message website called VIEWTALK. This website is innovative and technology enabled to allow members communicate safely with each other via video media. This Viewtalk website will be officially launched on the 4th of May 2011. This date has been specifically picked to mark the Deaf Awareness Week followed every year.

This website allows the deaf to communicate with each other online with the help of video messages and live chat support. Most importantly, all these features work very well unlike the static jerks of other conventional systems. Both, deaf as well as hearing people will be able to socially connect with friends, associates and family. They will also be able to keep abreast with latest news, events, videos, feeds, etc. All this and much more in a safe and secure domain.

The messages (video messages) are designed to be delivered through their custom platform (known as the ViewTalk Video Messaging Platform). This platform is accessible all the time and anywhere as needed. This unique platform is going to make communication online widely and freely accessible to over nine million deaf people across the UK.

There are ten Viewtalk Reporters in this team. This group is completely trained by WinkBall and Deafax. More significantly, seven of these members are deaf themselves which is an outstanding achievement in itself. They have enabled the future of online communication for the next generation. These reporters’ team focus on education, sports, arts, current affairs, etc. They continue to create a wide range of varied content for website.

Recent updates include, current affairs reporters have known to interview Lord Michael Heseltine. They also interviewed Mohamed Al Fayed, the Harrods baron. The arts reporting group talked to BBC actors Genevieve Barr and Larry Lamb. Ther have been many prominent personalities from leading deaf and hard-of-hearing organisations who have pledged support to this ViewTalk initiative.

Janice MacNeil, Principal of the Donaldsons school for the deaf mentioned that initiatives like Viewtalk are absolutely essential. She also pointed out that many deaf kids and young adults feel neglected and kept out in their local communities. The Viewtalk platform will offer a great opportunity to these deaf people to keep in touch with each other. They will be able to find out information, get support from each other and others.

Dr. James Ohene-Djan, Managing Director at WinkBall's, said: "Face-to-face communication is a vital part of daily life - particularly for the deaf community, enabling people to express feeling which simply can't be put across through text. As more and more people have access to the internet, video has become the most common form of internet traffic (currently standing at 51%), and is increasingly part of the way we talk to each other day-to-day. Deafax have been excellent partners in this project: we're looking forward to seeing how this technology makes a real difference to people's lives."

These kind of web services and web initiatives will go a long way in creating a strong social community to live in.

Get the Help from Best Web Design Companies

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Best web design companies

You wish your services or the products to reach every city of the world. As it gives you more customers, making of such a website is very advantageous. Your website is the face of your company or business. The website has got its position in ecommerce organizations as websites are the prime of any company. From this point of view, website has become a must for representation of your business throughout the world.

The best web design companies today are offering a great deal. They craft the website which is very easy to maintain and no recurring cost. Of course, the website has to be in combination with your company’s products or services. It must be attractive but simple and customer friendly.

The best web design companies offer the variety of languages and the technical process. You must have seen while searching through Google or Yahoo, they are offering the language options. These companies divide the work in different segments and supervise all stages in the process. They are able to suggest you the concept, recommendation and service for a good design. Their skilled art directors give you options to choose the templates for your website. They also take care of putting your website on social networks; such as Face Book or twitter etc. So, your web site gets more exposure to the world.

The best web design companies offer website plan at a very affordable costing, because they have high competition and less costing. You have to see the other important part that is the review of that company services, testimonials, and customer relationship management as well, while deciding to take their services of designing a website for your company.

These professionals from best web design companies are aware of Search Engine Optimization. This SEO gives you two benefits-1- it reaches your company name to a vast number of visitors and 2- it gets you more number of potential clients. For getting these valuable benefits, your website has to come in front of the viewers, when they are looking for products, your company is offering.

It is wise to choose a company who can offer you the online selling solutions. This will enhance your website’s traffic. The web designing company you choose should give you, quick, flexible, cost effective and open minded service. The company like save my system will definitely help you customize your website. They even offer the advertising your company online.

Web Design in the Web 2.0 era is hugely different from the past. Coupled with search engine marketing and search engine optimization, it has gained further significance. Everything is now integrated. Hence, all designs need to be drawn based on future requirements and processes that the site would be undergoing. Web design MUST address SEO and SEM needs beforehand.

A poor design can sabotage a SEO/SEM campaign badly. Hence hire only the experienced and best web design companies for your web design and marketing endeavors. That will generally be the difference between a great business and a mediocre one!

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