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Super WiFi – a start to new era of wireless technology

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wireless broadband router support

A new association together with BT, Sky as well as Microsoft is established to make use of the space between TV channels in the radio spectrum for taking a new trial of advanced broadband services. The association announces a new mobile broadband on trial in Cambridge that creates a series of localised super Wi-Fi networks. The test will make use of white spaces within the radio spectrum. These are the areas where you do not require TV broadcasts. The Cambridge trail is very much like the space trial of the remote Isle of Bute. The Cambridge trial focuses on the machine to machine communication along with the rural broadband as well as traditional consumer applications for example mobile phones.

The main aim of the trial is to demonstrate that the new service will not have any interference with TV signals and will potentially be able to open up new channels for network providers in order to meet the growing demands for the broadband from mobile phones as well as tablet computers. The mobile bandwidth market that serves phones, laptops, tablets as well as other smart devices is projected to increase 92 per cent between the periods of year 2011 to 2015. The members of association had given a joint statement that the trial will attempt to establish the unused TV band is placed properly to increase the available mobile bandwidth of UK. This is a critical and effective response to the exponential growth in the service of data-intensive along with enabling the future innovation.

The association says that they have selected Cambridge for trial because they offer an environment which helps to test the diverse use of the TV white space network. The city is illustrious by a compact mixture of buildings that include historic stone buildings of its colleges. This offer a unique opportunity that demonstrates the penetration of TV white spaces signals as compared with different higher frequency networks like Wi-Fi. The advent of wireless network that is wide spread since ever before; people have planned the long-range wireless networks that envelop whole cities or communities. Microsoft researchers are in development of the wireless internet technology that connects the unused TV frequencies. It is not only possible to identify the free frequencies in the area but it is also easily switches the frequencies of the devices which are turned on and within the frequency range.

It is possible to work on the wireless internet without using any computer software or without bringing anything to notice to the end user. A special signal inspection before Fourier Transform or SIFT has been developed for the use of wireless-internet. Whenever the network is turned on, the frequencies can be scanned easily by the SIFT describing three types of frequencies, one is the broadcasting frequency while other two are backup frequencies. If the interference pops up, the frequency is monitored for the new interference from wireless microphones as well as TV broadcast and accordingly it switches to the network.

Super Wi-Fi can be good research on the wireless network resulting to the new technologies. we provide onsite wireless network support and troubleshooting to our london customers.

Wireless Installation Company To Manage Your Wireless Networks

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Wireless installation company

Today world has come close with internet technology. Wireless technology enhanced power of internet as with wireless networks, individual at any corner of world can be connected with the world around. Wireless networks are growing rapidly. The reasons for popularity and vast growth of wireless networks are the facility for mobile devices to connect with the rest of world and elimination of wires that restrict physical and geographical area. Growth of wireless networking, demand for wireless installation company. A wireless installation company provides services for installation of wireless networks for variety of wireless networks for home, offices, small and large businesses.

Many wireless installation companies around the world are engaged in wireless network services. It includes Wi-Fi installations and RFID systems. Besides that wireless installation company provides numerous consulting services like –
• Site survey
• Wireless installations including Wi-Fi and RFID systems
• Hardware configurations in the wireless networks
• Software upgrades and wireless security audits/services

There are numerous wireless devices available in the market for wireless network installations. Routers, access points, wireless adapters etc. are used to install wireless networks.

Recently, Dell’Oro group published its report for wireless LAN market. It reports that rising shipments and average selling prices show that wireless LAN market has grown by 18% in first quarter of 2011. The report is based on all three market segments as enterprise, service provider mesh, and small office and home office called SOHO. All these segments are up by more than 10% during this quarter. On the other hand, WLAN enterprise segment is achieved growth rate of 22% this quarter.

The report tells that Buffalo and NETGEAR achieved high levels for revenue for small office and home office (SOHO) market during this quarter. Compared to first quarter of last year, Buffalo is growing with 30% and NETGEAR is growing with 40%. In enterprise segment, companies like Alcatel-Lucent, Buffalo, Enterasys, and Aruba have gained growth more than 10 percent. Aruba and HP bagged the most market share in enterprise segment for this year. Growing demands for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets are leading to the growth for wireless markets as shown by the report.

In last month, NETGEAR, leading company that provides branded networking products announced its partnership with International Technology Services (ITS) specialized in large scale, turnkey solutions for the implementation of wireless solutions for Sun and Sand Sports UAE. The project is estimated for AED 200,000 and after completion, it cots AED 2.5million.

With this installation, Sun and Sand sports staff can utilize wireless connectivity for pocket PCs and can perform functions like managing inventory (demand request, GRN’s, transfer in/out and stock tracking) and point of sale. It includes NETGEAR equipments like access point device WG103, wireless controller WMS5316 and switches FS726TP for installation. These devices provide smooth and seamless wireless network connectivity for them. The installation took period of six weeks to complete. The time limit was the most important challenge for the network installation companies. However, they become successful in managing it.

Such large projects are taking place in the wireless markets and that is the most challenging job for wireless installation company companies. The advanced devices are helping in installing and managing large wireless networks efficiently.

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