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Easy To Setup Wireless Networks At Home

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Wireless network services

This is an era of computers. Connecting these computers around the world has brought amazing effects. Earlier, this connection is achieved with physical wired networks. However, there are many geographical as well as physical limitations to these wired networks. Evolution of wireless networks has immense importance in this view. Nowadays wireless networks are growing rapidly.

Today, there are numerous devices developed to setup wireless network. Big companies are concentrating on improving these devices and technology to serve users best. These days, offices, institutes, businesses and even home wireless networks are possible with variety of network devices.

Recent news reveals that this year, wireless LAN devices will reach around one billion and by 2015 it will be two billion. These new figures are drawn by HIS iSuppli. This number of embedded wireless LAN devices using Wi-Fi technology for communication, computing and consumer electronic area are rising with 35.8% than that of figures for 2010. The popular device using wireless devices are mobile phones and mobile computers. The mobile phones are highest in number while tablets and notebooks are one second place.

Microsoft, a leading IT company on its site gives detail information for how to setup wireless network for home users. This a five step process with which users can set wireless network at home incorporating devices like internet enabled TV, phones, PCs etc. This wireless network allows to access internet, sharing internet files, accessing game consoles etc. It is very easy to setup wireless network with internet access and wireless devices like routers. It requires operating system that supports wireless network. All latest versions of Microsoft support wireless network. Secondly, it requires broadband / high speed internet connection provided by Internet Service Provider (ISP). Along with these two, wireless router in enough to setup wireless network.

Linksys routers are easy to install wireless networks for home users. The latest devices 802.11g or 802.11n are very popular and give excellent performance. These routers are compatible to almost all devices. The routers act like a cordless phone base station as they convert the signals from internet connection to wireless broadcast. If you have wireless capabilities installed in PC, you can view it in network and internet option from control panel otherwise network adapter is needed. Connecting to internet, router is configured and SSID (network identification name) is changed to setup wireless network successfully.

Recent Linksys E4200 and other E-series devices are very popular to setup wireless networks for home devices these days. It is very useful and helping to install wireless networks in various areas to take advantage of latest technology.

Technology is evolving by the day. And wireless communication companies are coming with sophisticated, faster and cheaper technology solutions every day. This is also keeping in mind requirements of the market, dynamic business scenario and the never ending thirst for speed of information exchange. Couple that with business needs and the possibilities are endless! While you can easily setup your own home network (that usually consists of one computer and one wireless router, max 2 PCs), for corporate needs rely on wireless network service companies to set it up for you. They will carefully plan your network keeping all your needs of security in mind.

Most Preferable Networks With Wireless Networking

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Wireless networking services

In early days, wireless local area networks (LAN) were found in health care, ware housing etc. At that time, they were slow, expensive and proprietary. Today’s wireless networking picturesque is significantly different.

Nowadays, going for wireless networks is practical and cost effective. The term wireless networking refers to the networks of computers and communication devices using wireless techniques. The communication channel used for connection is the radio or microwaves. The main device used in this technology is the receiving and transmitting antenna. The wireless products are available in wide variety and their prices are reducing day by day.

For the new wireless networking technology, 802.1 standards are set for all networks. The 80211b products have proved speed and performance over wired Ethernet networks that are not feasible in many cases. There are many types of wireless networks as –

• Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANS) are local area networks. They allow users in a local area, such as a library, university campus etc., to form a network. A temporary network is possible with small number of users without the need of an access point if they do not need access to network resources.

• Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANS) There are two current technologies for wireless personal area networks. These technologies allow the connectivity of personal devices within the range of about 10 meter. The infra red technology requires a direct line of site and its range is less.

• Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (WMANS) technology provides the connection of numerous networks in an urban area like different buildings across a city, which can be an alternative for lying copper or optic fiber cabling.

• Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWANS) cover wide areas, such as cities or countries. An Internet Service Providers (ISP) looks them after. WWANS are referred to as second-generation systems or simply 2G systems.

The wireless networking technology products in market covers almost all types of networks. The main important issue in the wireless networking is the security. The data / transmission are carried out in open area in the form of waves. Thus, security is to be taken care for these networks. The latest three methods of security are available for the wireless networks:
• Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
• Service Set Identifier (SSID)
• Media Access Control(MAC)

Thus, 802.1 standards wireless networking can be used safely and efficiently. The latest research has concluded that the wireless traffic is going to increase about 700 times up to 2015 because of many applications from smart phones to laptops using these networks.

Planning to set up a wireless LAN in your office or home? Please utilize services of an experienced wireless networking services company. Avoid trying to set it up all on your own unless you are an expert in wireless networking. These companies will study your network requirements, conditional access issues, security and ease of setup before starting out. This is very important because it forms the backbone of your infrastructure which will not be changed over and over. Therefore use this as a check point to test out whether the wireless networking company you hired is the right one?

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