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How to secure your Wireless Network?

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Wireless Network Installation

Wireless networking has been a boon to our generation, be it your home use or your office use networking is now easily accessible at the click of your mouse. Be it your desktop or laptop or ipod or ipad or even your video games you ca use all your devices on one network in any part of your home and office absolutely free of hassle.

Every technology has its pros and cons, broadband has the cons of several wires and no freedom to mobility but it had the pros of speed and security, stealing from a broadband service is a near to impossible task. Where as wireless networking may have made life easier faster and flexible but speed wise and security wise it has some deficiencies, securing a wireless network is very important as breaking into a wireless network is very easy and this can lead to security hazard.

Hacking of wireless network can lead to the following

Sudden shooting up of your bill of wireless network especially when the charges of the network are per byte and more so as wireless network is one of the most expensive networks.

When your wireless network is hacked your speed is bound to go down ,as there are more devices connected to your network leading to reduction in surfing speed.
Hacking can also pose as a personal threat in terms of security as if someone can access to your settings of network your personal files and folders are also easily accessible to the hacker.

Given above were the reasons why securing your network is very important and below we will give you easy means on how to secure your wireless network-
Installation of a firewall- by placing this firewall software or hardware around the office or home is the first and foremost step in securing your wireless network.

Changing your password set by administrator- once your wireless network is installed and the username and password have be given and configured, the immediate next step should be to change the password provided by the administrator and put in your own puzzling and obscure password. It is also recommended to change your password from time to time, and also ensure that you do not share your password and username details with unknown people.

Turn on or configure compatible encryption
Wireless networking always is supported by a form of protection access or wired privacy technology, in this the messages transferred or sent thru the network are in form of confusing and puzzled form so except you no one else can read to access them. In this it is very important to save the same encrypted WPA or WEP settings on your other devices which are also configured on the same wireless network.

There are easier steps which can help in securing your wireless network which will be followed in the next segment. However, please ensure you hire a wireless network installation companywireless or expert when installing on configuring your network. Atleast ensure from them that the settings and configuration are correct and working properly.

Be Mobile With Wireless Networks

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Wireless Routers Setup in London

Come 2015, the wireless networking usage is predicted to grow to 7 times of the current one! WOW… while the numbers are mind boggling, the opportunities associated with this segment are immense too. Not only will the consumers get quick and secure access to information all over the globe, they will have to pay really low. Real value for money…

The computer networks today have connected the whole world together. The traditional cabled networks had many limitations of the physical area of the network. The concept of wireless networking has changed the networks immensely. The basic idea used in wireless networks is the use of radio waves and/ or microwaves for the communication channels between computers.

Wireless networking is modern alternative for copper and fiber optic cabling in network devices. The wireless networks can be affected by weather changes like rains and storms and may cause interruptions in the networks, but most of the times, they are suitable than cabled networks.

Wireless networks are gaining popularity rapidly for both, business and household purposes. The most important advantage of wireless networking is they eliminate cables and give mobility. Almost all laptops today come with latest technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi USB connectors. The wireless technology is continuously improving, while the costs of wireless products are continuously decreasing.
Most of the wireless local area networking products follows 802.11 Wi-Fi standards. The wireless networks include network adapters, access points and routers. There are some basic concerns about wireless network security that must be taken care of on wireless access points.
• The first step is to change default settings to enhance security. Changing service set identifier that is SSID and user logins can achieve the same.
• Restricting unauthorized users and access
• Enabling security encryption includes encryption of data that is transmitted around the network.
The smart phones and other connected devices also access the net wirelessly; this can increase the traffic in future. The Smart phones use 50 times more bandwidth than traditional cell phones. The laptops consume 25 times more data than Smart phones. The newly emerging tablets are in between Smart phones and laptops.
Considering the increasing traffic, wireless operators already began to upgrade their networks. They are placing wireless stations close together and using smaller cell sites to increase capacity and handle more traffic.
The plenty of bandwidth can be availed for sharing a broadband internet connection with small expenditure. Mostly, slowest wireless network is faster than the speed of cable or DSL modem. It is became a usual practice that the service provider provides a simple wireless router, which works as broadband modem.

Nevertheless, wireless networking is moving fast and serving the people word wide. With the wide spread technology, costs of wireless networking are reducing day by day. Call your nearest computer dealer to complete your wireless networking setup immediately and enter the world of wire free, roaming information exchange. Life was never simpler and effective than this before. Wireless is the way of the future and will open avenues for businesses, professionals and end users alike.

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