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A Guide To Hardware Computer Repair And Periodic Maintenance

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Performing hardware computer repair and periodic maintenance is a sure way to keep a PC running smooth for years. The methods involved in this process include cleaning the system, replacing any parts that fail and creating a routine to provide upkeep on a regular basis. Some of the components that can fail include memory, hard drives, video cards, motherboards and case fans.

If properly maintained the internal components in a system can last for quite some time and will operate at peak performance. In order to properly maintain a system hard drive is to regularly defragment it using tools provided in the operating system. Also setting up a schedule for cleaning will help the device to live longer.

Like so many other projects, removing the power source from the machine is the crucial first step. If memory fails then it will need to be removed and taken to an electronics store so a new one can be purchased. To do this, open the case after unplugging the power and locate the modules, they will have a clip on either end of the stick and by applying a little pressure they will release the stick.

Hard drives are bound to fail at some time or another and replacing them is actually quite easy. To replace the device, power wires and the cables must be removed by gently wiggling them loose. Once the cables are loose the screws are removed next and the drive is extracted from the case.

If the motherboard fails it is best to consult with a professional PC repair person before attempting it if the person does not have experience. When a faulty video card is involved the method for extraction includes determining the type of card that it is. If the slot is an AGP type the card is held in with a secondary clip at the rear of the card and pulling the clip or pushing it will release the card.

Case fans are also easy to replace and are done with a screw driver as well, in order to replace the fan the power must be unplugged from it first. This is done by locating the wires that connect the fan and power supply. Once unplugged, use the screw driver to remove the screws holding the fan in place and take it out of the case. To install the new one, replace the screws and plug it back into the power supply then turn on the system to make sure the fan is working.

Making sure the system is properly maintained with make all the difference in the world. To do this, make a habit of using compressed air to clean out dust and debris once a month. Also in order to keep the system healthy perform regular updates and defragment the hard drive once a month as well.

The act of hardware Computer repair and periodic maintenance is a bit challenging to people without experience. If this is the case, a good idea is to consult with a family member or friend that is good with PCs and have them teach the steps hands on. Also remember to always practice safety procedures when working with any PC components.

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