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We are getting more and more addicted to our laptops or desktops as we grow older. Computers as an invention as been like a boon to mankind, not only that has evolved a whole new meaning to technology, but also changed the complete facet of business. Today, world economics is carried on only on our laptops. Internet, being the next big blessing, which got the entire world in front of your computer screens.

Technology has never been a one-sided affair; with positives, negatives are also a part, which we have to bear. The advent of computers bought in technology, and with more complex technology, there was a sudden need of computer help services, as computer crashing, virus attacks deletion of data also set in; virus being the biggest and most complex problem for any computer and computer help service firms.

You are working on your computer, you have opened up a few files, emails etc., and suddenly there is a black out on your screen, what went wrong? No idea, you call your computer help desk and they inform you it’s a virus attack. Mostly, the entire latest computers help service firms have their online call centers, which are a round the clock professional service agency. In case of a virus attack, it is best to call them as they will be able to cater to you faster than a local computer help service. These online computer service guys will instantly give you guidelines to follow.

Firstly, in case of virus attack, it is best to first boot your system with Windows Startup Disk or the CD-ROM given to you at the time of your computer purchase. Once your Windows is properly reloaded on to your desktop, it is then advisable to get in touch with the online help desk for further assistance.

Incase your system is not able to reload Windows, then its best to load it on to a new directory, reformatting your hard disk, instead of the current directory this will reinstall Windows on your system. Disabling the earlier Anti virus programs is also very important, after the formatting is thorough, it is best to reload the anti virus program from the start, but make sure in doing so the Firewall programs are not disabled.

Before reformatting the hard disk, it is definitely advisable to first speak to a customer care executive of the online computer help service. As in this formatting, there is a very strong possibility to loose all your earlier saved data, so it is best to ask for professional step by step guidance when dealing with the virus issue and its solution.

Here are some important tips to note before formatting your PC
- Back up all your data on another drive or CD/DVD or any other external storage media
- Keep all application software handy. This includes your operating system software and other applications like MS Office and Mozilla Firefox and other software you use everyday. Also ensure to keep their license keys handy when installing them
- The PC’s driver software including display, chipset, network and other hardware peripherals should be available

Again activities like formatting your PC should be done in presence of pc repair specialist. Hence contact your nearest computer help services company today!

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