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Advanced Spyware removal Guide

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Step 1. Boot computer into safe mode with networking. Log into an account with admin access.

Step 2. Download and install CCleaner, Spybot S&D and Ad-aware. Install and update all programs. Run CCleaner first then run Spybot S&D and Ad-aware. Both programs can be run at the same time.

Step 3. Download Highjackthis and run. Remove entries that are known to be bad. Open msconfig and in the start menu remove any entries that are malicious.

Reboot computer. If Spybot asked to do a scan on start then let it run.

Step 4. Turn off system restore and download and install a commercial licensed anti-spyware program such as Spy Doctor, Webroot Spy Sweeper or Trend Micro Internet security. Update program and run.

Step 5. If any traces are left over then find the file name and run a search using your favorite search engine for a removal method. Smitfraud and Vundo are examples of programs that may require a special removal tool.

Step 6. Run Highjackthis again and ensure no invalid or malicious entries are present. Then run Spybot S&D or Ad-aware one more time for good measure. Open up IE and re-set home page.

Step 7. Restore System restore and browse the web moving between several sites for a few minutes to ensure all spyware has been removed.

Step 8. Remove installed software if need be and but ensure the computer is properly protected with an Internet security suit. Remember any software that is free on the market is not good enough to protect your computer. You get what you pay for. Going with Norton, Trend Micro, Kapersky.

Author, John Stevens
For a more detailed Spyware removal guide that explains many of the steps above go to our Windows Vista Repair site. If you have a virus and just want it removed for cheap visit online computer repair. Laptop Repair.


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