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Cognos BI0-112 Certification Exam : Fact file

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Cognos 8 BI Author v2 certification is commonly known as the BI0-112 exam. IBM, which is the world’s largest software application company, conducts this exam.

The old person's name for this exam was COG-112, but was changed to the present name since April, 2009. It was a part of the re-structuring strategy of IBM, after the acquisition of Cognos in 2008. The corporation was formed in the year 1969, and was based in Canada. They developed the highly acclaimed Business Intelligence software which was used widely in many businesses all over the globe.

Cognos 8 BI was launched in September 2005, and comprises of the several products such as ReportNet, PowerPlay, Metrics Manager, Noticecast, and Decision Stream. It delivers the total range of capabilities on a single Service –Oriented Architecture (SOA).

This examination is all about demonstrating the expertise and proficiency in implementing the IBM Cognos Solutions in the enterprise level. Increased client satisfaction and its confidence in your business decisions, by proper differentiation of your company’s ability in the competitive marketplace place are the main objectives of this certification.

This exam is nearly everyone appropriate for the professionals who are working in this domain and are using the relational model for creating various types of reports. If your job includes the designing, enhancing, and customize the expert reports, this certification will certainly benefit your future career goals and ambitions.

This assessment comprises of a total of 50 questions, for which the time owed is 60 minutes. Pass percentage is 74 %.

Generally, this exam covers the dissimilar aspects of the product line. The key concepts, fundamentals and technology are the main part of this certification. They can be summarize as:

Reports: Creation and Planning

Focus the Reports

Reports: Enhancement

Creation of the reports using the Query Model

Setup Reports for bursting

Managing events using Agents Technology

I’ll recommend to use BI0-112 practice exam guide and BI0-112 exam pdf with selftest engine software training tool developed by Exams Expert with money back guarantee incase you fail in exam.

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