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Computer Repair.. But before you throw away

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Many computers come with little memory for it to run at its full potential. They also come with a lot of programs that you don’t need or will never use and that load in the background for no good reason. And, over time, your computer collects lots of files from the internet that are taking up space and slowing things down. Add to that adware and spyware programs you didn’t even know were running. All these factors can slow your computer down and bring your blood pressure up and ready to get the hammer out. With a good tune up and, perhaps, an upgrade, your old computer may have a couple years left in it.

Each new version of Windows requires more resources from your computer. If your computer came loaded with Windows XP, then it’s only a few years old at the most and can still be a fine PC for most people. When Windows XP was first released, many computers came with a minimum of RAM and you would probably benefit from an upgrade. If you upgraded your computer from Windows 98 or ME to Windows XP, It’s highly likely that you don’t have enough RAM and you’re computer and software is struggling to keep up. Your processor is probably marginally adequate aswell. Processor designers do not come out with new processors often, so you’d be surprised when your computer is a few Mhz less that the current latest processor.

If you’re still using Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000, you should very seriously consider getting up to Windows XP as soon as possible. The reason is this. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 2000 on June 30, 2005. The older versions of Windows aren’t supported either and are much less stable. Hackers are still writing nasty hacking/virus software for all Windows versions and XP/Vista is the only one being patched. It’s also the most stable and secure of them all.

A new computer can cost only a few hundred pounds if you watch for a sale - and there’s always a sale, I recommended dell computers as these over the years have preformed best. If your old monitor still works and is still in focus, use it with the new PC, it’ll work.

My minimum recommended hardware list for Windows XP is:

RAM - 512MB for simple documents, email and web surfing. 1GB or more is really recommended for most people as antivirus and other security software is running all the time and most people have more than one program open.

Processor - I wouldn’t go any slower than 1GHz. Something this slow will work, but will struggle, and it shows the age of the computer. If your processor is faster than 1GHz, you’re fine for a while.

Hard drive - If your hard drive is bigger than 20GB, then this is fine, you can get hard drives very cheap now days, rememeber the bigger the hard drive the more files and software you can install. But keep in mind that hard drives get old, fail. Id recommended every 3-5 years to replace your hard drives or add a new one to your computer. I also recormened having 2 hard drives, 1 will be used for your operating system e.g. windows xp/vista and the other will store your documents, pictures and files etc. The main purpose of this is computers are not always full proof, if your operating system fails, then your documents, pictures and files are safe as they are on your second hard drive.

Author, Billy Boy It Ltd provides onsite computer repair for Hertfordshire, Essex and London Computer Repair. Computer Repair London.


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