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Computer security is the concern of each and every computer user. Whether it is a cyber café or a personal computer or an office computer, it is under constant threat of being hacked, or crashed due to viruses and spywares. Hence computer security is the first and foremost thing that should be taken care of before you start accessing the internet. Spam mails, downloads, free wares and mail attachments are the most likely sources that can damage your computer and breach computer security. People usually take utmost care of their machines but sometimes forget the basic computer security tips like updating the anti-virus software or installing anti-spyware software. Sometimes, they even buy pirated software which is one of the biggest threats to computer security. Following are a few computer security tips that may help in keeping your computers data secure and safe.

One major computer security tip is to not go about sending chain mails or spam mails; they not only affect the receiver’s machine but can also damage your computer. One should be a responsible cyber-citizen and respect and follow the laws. Any tampering with software and programs can back fire and can cause a huge damage to your computer security.

Another computer security tip is to not open unknown e-mails or even spam mails. E-mails with an attachment having “exe” extension are a strict ‘no-no’ and should be deleted immediately without opening. Unknown mails carry viruses and spywares, which are the biggest computer security threats, which get downloaded into your machine as soon as you open such mails.

Another computer security tip is to use long and hard-to-guess passwords. Do not use your name or any other personal information as your computer security password as it is very easy to guess and can be breached easily. Passwords which have a random combination of words and numbers with a total of 15 characters are considered safe passwords. You need to change and update your password almost every month to keep it secure. Also never write down your password anywhere; always try and remember them.

Firewalls are the safest bet against hackers and intruders trying to bypass your computer security measures. Get the latest version of firewall installed on your computer to avoid getting hacked and loosing important data.

Always create a back-up for your important data and keep it secure. It is suggested that the back up of files should not be on the same computer as even they can be damaged. A CD or a DVD made of such files or keeping it on your pen drive is preferred. This helps you to recover your data without any hassle or difficulties.

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