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Hurry Up! Do not wait for windows 7 Service pack

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Windows 7 support

The feature of Windows 7 may not be complete as the users wanted to be. It seems that the users will get little even if their expectations from Microsoft service pack 1is more.

This Service pack 1 has leaked on the web and that has allowed people to download the pack. Earlier waiting for the service pack was a good move as far as Windows are concerned. There was considerable change in Windows XP after the delivery of its service pack. Similarly, Windows Vista improved to a great extent. However, for Windows 7, things are really different. The things that were there with XP and Vista are not there with Windows 7. The strong operating system can be trusted and is dependable even prior to release of service pack. Here are some things about why not to wait for Windows 7 service pack.

The updates of Windows 7 will be very little. The earlier versions of the windows, the updates were to a great extent. Most important problems were addressed including the performance of operating system. That is the reason why people feel that prior to going to the new operating system, the idea of waiting for the service pack is far better. That was their earlier experience and they are expecting the same with Windows 7 also. However, the updates in the service pack are very less and to wait for it does not make sense.

Windows7 is very safe and secure. Windows 7 already has all the security features. The features of Vista and some additional features are there in the Windows 7.This is broadly accepted as the most secure operating system in the history of Microsoft. So logically speaking the Service Pack I would not have much of different things in it, the reason being it is already existing in Windows 7.

An important feature in the Windows 7 version is the mode of Windows XP. If the end users are worried about Windows 7 not having enough security features as in the XP, then there is a option that runs virtual installation of XP in Windows 7 itself. In fact, this is the most advanced feature ever added to any operating system. Isn’t this an attractive feature for those who are in queue for Service Pack?

Microsoft has made a statement and has given clarity that Windows 7 and Vista are not similar. Though Windows 7 is not an ideal operating system, it is far stronger and dependable to the end users than any other operating system. With these reasons above it might be pretty clear that there is no point in waiting for the Service Pack 1 of Windows 7.

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