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what are the mistakes to avoid when handling a motherboard?

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When handling your motherboard, processor, graphics card, etc. you must be extremely careful. If you are not, you may damage something and cost yourself some money. This next step is very important to the “survival” of your computer.

Handling Motherboards, graphics cards, memory, etc

When handling these sorts of components, you need to never touch the connectors (as on graphics cards and memory). Doing so may cause you to damage the connector therefore making the device useless. We suggest holding the device by its edges or underside. With motherboards, graphics cards and the like, placing your hand underneath the board can be painful, with all the connectors poking through, but it is very safe (to the board anyway). You can also place your hands on the edges were there are no connectors, touching VGA ports and things like that is okay. With memory holding the edge opposite the connecting edge is the best way.

You mainly want to not hold the item by any part that if damaged would cause the device not to work. For example, if you are holding your motherboard with your hands the on the backside (with all the ports) and the opposite side, and you bend the VGA port a little, you are not doomed. However, if you are carelessly carrying the board with one hand and hit the board on a chair can knock the capacitor loose, you will have major problems. So our point is, just be careful when handling the motherboard and do not swing it all around, just hold it firmly, but not too tightly, in front of you until you reach your destination.

Processors are even more delicate than motherboards. When carrying a processor, hold it only by its edges. Be sure not to touch any of the pins, as bending or breaking them will ruin the processor. Always be careful when installing the processor and always set it down gently.

Following those guidelines, you should have no problems carrying your computer parts. Again, just use common sense and think of your computer parts as a very expensive egg…you break it, it’s gone and you’re out of some more money.

All the motherboards are prone to some malfunction. Motherboards are not an exception. Motherboards malfunction can prove costly of all of us. Hence it is better you get them maintained regularly. Even if in case you have any motherboards problem, our computer services will take care of your needs. At Save My System Ltd, our highly trained experienced technicians have been providing computer repair services to our customers since many years.

Save My System Ltd offer a number of computer repair services as well as laptop motherboard repairs.


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