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Microsoft Windows 8 gets on-board

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The very much discussed Microsoft Windows 8 operating system has finally comes on-board. Microsoft opened the curtain from Windows 8 operating system in its build developer’s conference in the month of September 2011. Microsoft Incorporation placed some lights on the new features and characteristics of its new operating system.

Windows 8 is considered to be the first operating system from Microsoft which is going to work on tablets from the start of its touch. The introduction of the new operating system will slowly capture the market of its existing windows 7 operating system.

Currently, Microsoft has made the beta version of the windows 8 operating system available which is specially designed for the developers. The developers will simply download and install the operating system without doing any kind of registration. It will be available as a freeware on the Microsoft’s website.

The most important feature of Windows 8 operating system is its ability to swap between the old and regular interface of Windows operating system to new touch-friendly metro style operating system. The applications have new style features such as contacts, email clients, calendaring tools, web browser and many such features. The encirclement of mobile computing devices like tablets sounds a little Redmond’s approach which is very different as compared to previous versions of the operating system.

According to Apple Incorporation, consumers want discreet devices that are designed to work on some explicit tasks. Because of this only the operating system that are designed for the computer or laptop that allows them to work on heavy duty computing processes. The operating systems that are required to use on iPads or tablets work on very light weight processing. Tablets or iPads are used simply for surfing the web or to read the e-book. They are not mean to operate high processing applications.

Since the launch of Windows 95 from Microsoft, it is considered to be the biggest change in the era of computer system that came 16 years ago. Microsoft brought a big change in the computer era and now it is trying to make a big change in the tablet era with the introduction of Windows 8 operating system. Though there are many operating systems developed by many developers for the tablets, Microsoft claimed that Windows 8 operating system is not going to be a copycat of other operating system.

The operating system was shown on the desktop system in the similar manner it will operate on the tablets. The details of the operating system were given for the two hours in the Microsoft’s builds conference. The development of Windows 8 operating system is considered to be answer to the broadening landscape. One of the biggest differences in the computing vision of Microsoft and Apple is going to create a different operating system which is going to be portable with the desktop operating system.

Microsoft windows 8 are the biggest development done by Microsoft Incorporation. From desktop to tablet operating system the change in the operating system will bring out more new technologies that will produce some new devices for its users.

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