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A Buying Guide To Norton Online Back-Up

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There is certainly no shortage of options for backing up data from your PC. Physical hard drives are the most common way of backing up data, but these have certain issues such as hardware failure. On the other hand, online storage solutions such as Norton Online Backup provide an easier, more efficient and safe option. Continue reading to learn about Norton Online Backup reviews.

There are many excellent advantages to storing your files online rather than the traditional methods you are probably used to. For example, by storing your files online you will now be able to access them from anywhere you want as long as you have internet access at the same time as avoiding common problems with offline solutions. This means you will no longer have to worry about crashing or physically damaged hard drives. Will the Norton online backup service be ideal for you?

With a 25GB allowance, this is certainly among the best offers we have reviewed. Most users will not require nearly this much space, while more advanced users will be able to store all of their data. When it comes to uploading files, you will not have to worry about large files with no upload limitations.

The program has proven to be extremely user friendly. Unfortunately, many of the other similar services are quite hard for the average user to use. Luckily, Norton Online Backup takes out much of the confusion typically associated with these types of products.

Firstly, the installation process of the software is quite simple. Once you have done the initial install, there are very few settings and little configuration. The program will also run automatically in the background.

In order to start the process, you will now be able to select the files you wish to store. This is as simple as selecting the locations of the folders or files you want to store. Now, the rest of the process is done for you with all of your selected locations backed up by the software. If you decide to update a folder or location with new files, the software will take care of backing up those files automatically.

Norton Online Backup has been a preferred choice of many for good reason. There are many excellent new features in the latest version of the online backup service review that were included in past iterations. There is also a lot of functionality that is unique to this software and not available anywhere else.

In the new version of the software, you can now use the service on both Mac OS X and Windows. This is all thanks to the new cross platform support feature implemented in the latest version. This is something that is more than likely necessary for users that utilize both operating systems on a regular basis.

The Backup Set Keyword Search tool is an new addition in the software that will make it easier for inexperienced users to manage their stored files. Other features that make using the software as easy as possible include a new file purge feature and redesigned data management functionality. Norton Online Backup has definitely proven to be one of the better options on the market.

Research Norton Online Backup coupons and alternative online backup on your own to get a better understanding of the benefits you'll receive.

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