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Email Archiving -The Need of the Hour

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Email Archiving has gained prominence in recent times owing to the increased usage of email as an important corporate communication mechanism. Archiving is a process of capturing and preserving the flow of all incoming, outgoing and internal emails so that any email can be easily retrieved, when required, based on specific search criteria.

Most companies backup their important data, including emails. We are all aware that the Microsoft Exchange server is mostly used as an email exchange server. However, merely backing up emails is not enough. It is important to have a proper mechanism to store, discover and retrieve individual emails quickly. Email Archiving is the solution. While backups only secure data to be made available when the server goes down, archival helps retrieve that data, within seconds. Why do people need to archive emails? The three important reasons are listed below:

Adherence to Regulatory Requirements: Email archiving helps in conformance with regulatory compliance. Companies trading publicly are expected to retain all information, including emails, anywhere between 5-10 years, for any government or regulatory audits. Merely backing up data might not help in this scenario, since you will be required to provide specific information or a specific mail exchange. If you haven't invested in a good email archiving solution, this can cause chaos, since pulling out the right information from terabytes of data isn't an easy task. You may end up spending millions of dollars in fines for non compliance, just because you are not able to find the right information.

eDiscovery Requirement: Any company needs to plan the right course of action when faced with a litigation or a lawsuit. Company counsel and IT staff often have difficulties in locating the right emails, and documents. Added to this, lawyers also need to provide judges with the accurate information on how the evidence data was stored, and how it was retrieved. If you do not have a right solution in place, providing this information can become impossible, which might mean millions of dollars in lawsuit settlement. With new scandals like the fraudulent ponzi scheme and sexual harassment cases, becoming common, it is only prudent to be well equipped with all the right evidence.

Management of Exchange Server Storage: Emails are growing at a rate of 40% per year. In fact, 97% of all official communication in companies is conducted via email, according to a Gartner survey report. As a result of this, there is an increased pressure on your company's Microsoft Exchange server, and it is handling more data than ever, which may end up with poor performance of the server. You can easily resolve this problem by investing in a good email archiving solution, which helps lighten up the server for improved efficiency, performance and better storage management. Configure your email server with an archiving solution to handle email growth more effectively and postpone the need to upgrade the Exchange server. This results in increased ROI on that Exchange server and better storage management for your company.

There is no doubt that Email Archiving is the way forward to meet with your company's growing demand for optimized storage management, as well as compliance with regulatory and eDiscovery processes. Invest in a sound Email Archiving solution to help alleviate your email archival woes.

To learn more about email archiving solutions and their advantages, please refer to email archiving, and email archiving solutions

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