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Is Your Business Vulnerable To A Data Loss Disaster

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Starting a new business can cause the new business owners all sorts of worries a particular one of course is the threat of data loss caused by a server failure , or indeed loss of critical data caused by a virus attack despite onerous precautions being taken.

For new business owners working hard to build and develop their business, the thought of backup are probably not high on the priority list but any backup solution is better than none. Something as simple as copying critical data to a external hard drive or memory stick once a day or even once a week.

Sure, even memory sticks fail but at least USB memory data recovery is a viable option and USB is a simple form of data backup

Even if you do not have the time or budget to put in place a decent data backup regime simply copying essential data to an external hard drive is surely better than a lack of any sort of policy, of course the crucial element in an back up procedure is just that , it is a procedure and should be adhered to……regulary!

Then there is the important job of making sure that you can recovery your data easily from your backup as there is little point in having a system in place only to find that it does not work when you need it most.

With this in mind it will be far more cost effective to test your backup up before a disaster rather than finding out you cannot recovery from it and requiring a data recovery. As well as this meaning that your systems will be down for a few days it will also cost you hundreds if not thousands.

Sadly for many businesses back up protocols will be left as a low priority until an actual data loss occurs and backup, just like an insurance policy is there for when you need it even though most of the time you do not.

There are other backup options available. Internet based or off-site backup is one popular option however data recovery from this method can be time consuming as you would have to download all your data.

An emerging very effective form of data backup is coming to the fore which is of course online data backup. This simply means that once the initial backup is completed, a protocol runs in the background incrementally backing up new data on a scheduled basis.

Online data backup is becoming a very favourable option for savvy IT professionals instead of hard drives and storage options like NAS devices.

Of course a huge benefit is that if you need to access your data when you are away from your office, even if your laptop has been stolen or you simply didn’t bring it with you, you could access your data anywhere else in the world depending on your configuration.

It is not really important which of these options you choose to implement into your business just as long as you have a backup in place.

An effective backup policy is far more preferential than the expense and inconvenience of disaster disaster recovery and data recovery .

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