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Data recovery consultants

Are you looking for solutions to retrieve your lost data? Nowadays, there are numerous data recovery consultants across the web ready for your help. Several data recovery techniques and data recovery tools are developed for that. Data loss is a common phenomenon in the world of computers regardless of its reasons. However, when the data is lost, users become panic. Now, there are many advanced techniques are acquired by data recovery consultants to gain all data back from any storage devices.

The data recovery consultants are IT professionals who are experts in recovering data from various data devices. The services provided by data recovery consultants include recovery from different devices like hard drives, tapes, raid devices, flash drives, CDs etc. Many data recovery consultants charge you only if data is recovered. When the hard drive is crashed, it is required to give it to data recovery consultants for data retrieval. Data recovery consultants use special devices and software tools to recover data from crashed hard drive.

Usually, preventive care is very important in case of data losses. Regular data backups are necessary in order to protect data from extreme losses. Nowadays there are several storage devices are developed that can accommodate vast amount of data and are cost effective. Nowadays hard drives have huge storage capabilities like 500GB and one can easily store more than one copy of data for security on same as well as different storage devices.

Replication is one of the techniques that is very beneficial for protecting valuable data. Businesses like banks, insurance etc. have large amount of important data and these businesses cannot bear extreme data losses. Here, replication techniques are very effective solutions for safety of data.

Recently, company engaged in developing data recovery tools, Lepide software has launched updated version of Kernel for exchange server. This latest version 11.05.01 of EDB recovery tool is available with advancements that make recovery more effective and result oriented.

Currently Samsung launched 1TB internal hard disk drive for notebooks and mobile computers. This device Spinpoint M8 has two platters of 500GB in a 9.5mm height. This small size can fit into many portable computers. According to Samsung, this is high density storage that uses advanced format technology (AFT). Spinpoint M8 device runs on high performance 3gigabits per second SATA interface. This device has 7 percent increased speed and its power demands are declined by 8 percent. Now, Samsung is going for mass production of Spinpoint M8 hard drives and this 1TB drive is available at $129.

Recently Dell launched its storage packages. The highlights of this new product are presented in storage customer and partner conference in Orlando. One of the features of this package includes Dell Equallogic software that is upgraded to V5.1. It is enhanced to balance storage traffic and awareness with VMware and vSphere 4.1 to reduce recovery time and minimize risk of data loss.

All these activities in the information technology field enhance the data storage devices. The updates in data recovery tools help data recovery consultants to maximize data recoveryand all this ultimately helps to end users to get maximum benefits of advanced technologies.

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