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What is The Best Registry Fix?

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The key symptoms of a corrupt registry are frequent crashes, freezes and error messages. It is also possible to have difficulties logging into your computer, and accessing your files, software and games. The computer may also not shot down properly.

In worse cases of a corrupt registry, your computer screen may also display what is commonly referred to as the blue screen of death which indicates that the PC has crashed and it will display some error messages. All these problems will slow down your PCs performance and speed. You may find yourself having to reboot your computer frequently if the Windows Registry has been corrupt.

The Windows Registry is an important part of your PC because it stores all the files, software and settings that run your PC. If your PC Windows Registry becomes corrupt, then you need to get it fixed. Perhaps something really good for the average computer users who would not have a clue about where to start to manually fix their computer registry themselves, there are some registry fix tools that are available on the internet.

Although there are a few free windows registry cleaner software, it is risky to use these because they can cause more damage to your computer. It is recommended to use registry repair utility software from reputable companies that offers online support.

There are many registry repair tools that can be downloaded online. When you buy a registry cleaner software online, it is important that you order one that has comprehensive features to ensure that a robust cleaning of your registry will be done.

It is also very important that the windows repair utility has an easy to use interface so that you can easily go through the process of scanning and cleaning your PCs Windows registry. High quality registry fixers can be used by anyone including someone with little computer expertise.

A good registry cleaner must also have a tool to bank up your current computer registry before it starts downloading and repairing the registry. This is important so that you have a peace of mind from knowing that you have your registry saved before the registry cleaner start to work on it in case you want to go back to it and retrieve some files.

It is also very essential that the company supplying the registry cleaner provides online support so that if you encounter problems you can get some help. You should not have any problems with the registry cleaner, but it is good to know that should you need help, you will get it.

If you want to fix a corrupt registry, the first step is to read registry cleaner reviews so that you download only recommended software that have been proven effective by other computer owners and users.

Author, Nikki Montgomery is a e-business specialist in computer optimization and recommends registry cleaning using reputable registry cleaning software. Have FREE SCAN of your computer right now and fix your registry with reputable registry cleaners, visit: Computer Repair.


2 Responses to “What is The Best Registry Fix?”

  1. says:

    I have worked in IT for 18 years. Much of my last 10 years has been spent researching Web technology and Windows Security and Optimization tools.

    In my experience one of the biggest areas of hype is the Registry Cleaner. I have tried many of the “free” ones and several of the paid versions. In recent years I have cleaned hundreds of Windows Registry’s for friends, family and customers – I think that qualifies me to give an accurate critique.

    My advice is this:

    1) NEVER use a “free” registry cleaner unless you have researched it thoroughly and found some good, reliable recommendations. Most “free” registry cleaners come loaded with surreptitious adware or malware and although a short-term performance improvement might be seen, the chances are that soon your computer reliability and security will both be compromised. This is often true for other forms of “free” downloads including music files, free virus cleaners, free games and screen savers.

    2) More than half of the “free” scans I have tested report what we know in the trade as “false positives” – this is where the vendor attempts to hoodwink you into thinking you have problems and assures you that they will be fixed when you purchase the software. So beware of “free” scans.
    Nearly all “free” scans will merely report problems but will not fix them.

    3) The Windows Registry is an incredibly complex piece of technology – so complex that there are relatively few experts in the world who truly understand its deeper workings. Registry cleaning is a highly specialised and delicate operation – don’t make the mistake of trusting just any program to do the job properly. Do some research first. 95% of what I read about Registry cleaners on the web today is utter bunkum.

    You should expect to pay between $18 and $50 dollars for one of the best – but no more.

    I use “Max Registry Cleaner” and it’s the best I can find anywhere.

    Nigel Goodwin

  2. Owais says:

    PowerTools Lite is yet another great option for registry scanning and cleaning. It offers a stable scanning engine which is comparitively powerful, stable and safe. The best thing is that it is very easy and free to use.

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