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Approaching the Game of Poker for Profit

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In trying to decide how to approach poker, consider the pluses and minuses of certain games as opposed to others. Limit Holdem used to be the single most popular game on the net. There are still many low and medium limit games being played as well as games as big as $100/$200 games. The game remains one of the most easily accessible and probably remains one of the most prospective in terms of profits, and is likely to remain so for some time to come, especially since not many players rise to the levels of $20/$40.

If your goal is to find the most profitable game out there, limit hold'em is for you. It has a profitable history, is currently remaining profitable, and there are no signs of diminishing profits for the future. It's popularity means that there are many novices to make a nice profit from if you took the time to learn and practice the nuances of the game as well as your opponents.

The amount of literature devoted to the game gives it a big advantage over other less popular types. It is the most studied of games and it is even possible for the most studious of players to learn much from the published material. This renders decision-making that much easier.

These advantages of accessibility and the copious available literature surrounding limit hold'em means that there are a lot of skillful players in the game. This fact can unfortunately make the game less profitable for the average player. The average player can expect enjoyment of the game but no profits.

If you would like to avoid this dismal fate, there are several very specific questions you can ask yourself in order to determine which game is best for you. Poker is a game of chance, a game of skill and creativity, and it is a game of risk and self control. Determine as precisely as you can how prone you are to taking risks and how well you are able to control yourself in such situations: that is, whether the risks you take are impulsive and uncalculated (.i.e. a disaster in poker terms), or whether you are the type who likes to take calculated risks designed to win as well as to thrill.

There are special tests to help you determine how risk-prone you are. If you cannot help yourself, slot machines will probably be your best choice. If you would rather avoid risk, it is best to gravitate towards limit games in the exact proportion to your aversion towards risks.

Players play with logic and/or insightfulness. If you are one who thinks you have things under control in most circumstances, observe yourself again and decide whether your bailiwick is calculating card combinations as they relate to all other combinations that you have observed in a very long game, or did you make your best efforts by latching on to your opponent's body language and facial expressions (or lack thereof). For the latter type, the no-limit and MTT poker games are the best fit.

Of note, the psychologist has the best chance of becoming an all around expert player. High-limit games are hard to find, if not impossible. High risk is not profitable in the end. In conclusion, no-limit and tournament poker are both the most accessible and complex of poker challenges and provide the most suitable environs for the aspiring beginner.

The author is a successful limit cash game player. He plays poker online and receives Poker Nordica Rakeback as well as Doyles Room Rakeback.

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