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Our Review of Mafia Wars Blueprint

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Mafia Wars Blueprint is so much more than your average internet game walkthrough. For one thing Mafia Wars Blueprint was written by Tony Saunders, who not only regularly plays Mafia Wars but is one of the top players out there. He's taken the time to create an easy to follow guide that will help you learn different techniques that will help you be successful and master the game using the same strategies and tactics he used himself.

Even though these instructions are a bit more pricey than some others on the web, once you start utilizing the strategies in Mafia Wars Blueprint you can clearly see that it is worth every penny.

To catapult your gaming experience to new heights, this must-have Mafia Wars manual more than pays for itself. Another awesome thing about this guide is that it is kept up-to-date on a regular basis, with detailed info about Moscow, Bangkok, and Cuba. Once you purchase the guide, Tony has agreed to provide free updates by adding additional sections to his guide as new areas are created.

Tony Saunders can really be called an expert of Mafia Wars, and his guide can help you become the Mafia Wars king and the envy of all your friends. He shows you all the greatest techniques that can easily work well for you. They're techniques that work in regular gameplay, there are no cheats or hacks here. And after reading some of the content included in the guide, you'll be surprised that no one has thought of these techniques before. The Mafia Wars Blueprint guide is well organized and easy to follow, it can help you through every step of the game from beginning to end, and includes secrets as well as killer gameplay techniques. Tony reveals the techniques that he has personally used to grow his Mafia to 500 members in a matter of days as well as different tactics you can use to collect an exorbitant amount of money and win the majority of your fights.

Mafia Wars Blueprint will also include a free bonus: a report that focuses on accumulating Godfather points in Mafia Wars. In this guide Tony reveals techniques that can net you 952 Godfather points in only a week or so!

Tony's guide really helps, and is totally worth the price. There are other Mafia Wars player's guides out there, but I've never found one that was as thorough and helpful as Mafia Wars Blueprint, not to mention Tony's guide condenses the information in a way that doesn't waste your time. If you're looking to become one of the best Mafia Wars players and excel at all aspects of the game, Tony Saunders' guide will help you get there.

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