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Impact of Social Media Platforms On News Cycles

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Social media is represented as a low cost tool that is used for combining the technology and social interaction by making use of words. Social media today is considered to be the most important source for business as well as non-profit organisations. Social media is taken into consideration for fun, for communication, for current news and many other things. Today, people get all the details of what is going around them through social media. Social media is not just limited to marketing or PR teams rather it is a bunch of tools that are made into use throughout the business in different forms. Now we can discuss about what best social media does?

  • Blogs permits to organise the thoughts, status as well as ideas in a chronological manner. This means additional stability as compared to mails.
  • Audio as well as video inspire various types of learning as well as in portable formats.
  • Social networks inspire collaboration, make replacement in intranets as well as corporate directories and can make promotions for non-email conversation channels.
  • Social networks can accumulate concurring people around the collective attention with little external force, no organizational centre as well as a group senses regarding what is important and what will come next.
  • Social bookmarking states that complete groups will be able to learn of new articles, tools as well as other web properties, rather than leaving them entirely on one machine, one browser and for one human.
  • Social networks comprise of different information regarding your prospective new hires, your customers as well as your competitors.
  • Blogs allow you to express your mind and let the rest of the world know about the process of your thought and mind-sets.
  • Podcasts are said to be a way through which you can build intimacy with information.
  • Podcasts reach to the people who are making use of new gadgets like iPhones, iPods, Apple TVs, Zunes and many more.
  • Tagging, sharing as well as many other activities that is common on the social web makes information pass in much more faster way.
  • Innovation works in much faster in the environment of social software, open source or otherwise.
  • Conversations are spread around making addition of metadata as well as further potential business value.

Social media plays very important role in various fields of business, education, travel industry, news and various other fields. It is very necessary to know what role does social media plays in these fields. In order to get the idea of role of social media we give you the following examples of how social media works in the described fields.

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  • Role of Social Media in Business: Now-a-days social media plays a very important role in the fields of business and marketing. Social media marketing is said to be the best platform for promoting your site by means of various media channels such as Twitter, Facebook. With the help of social media you will be able to get more traffic as well as huge amount of visitors. Without spending much money social media allows you to create large number of returning visitors.  Social media is considered to be the best way to promote business for example if you are selling a product or publishing ad as it makes your website profitable in a less span of time. There are certain advantages that business gets from social media and tey are as follows.
  1. Product branding
  2. Enables multi-way communication
  3. Conversations and relationship
  4. Low cost for the end user
  5. Building connection between people and sharing information regarding their products
  • Role of Social Media in Marketing: social media provides marketers with a voice and a way in which they can communicate with aristocracies, customers as well as potential consumers. It identifies the “brand” and helps you to spread your message in a comfortable and informal manner. There are certain companies that have involved them in social media.

Now we need to look out for the current era of social media. There are many events in which social media have proved that it is the best mode of communication with people all over the world. Through social media the current situation of every event is immediately promoted on the internet for people to get known of. Many of such events are explained below in which social media played a very important role.

  • Role of Social Media in Arab Revolution:  Arab citizens In North Africa and Middle East gathered together to protest against the dictatorial governments, restricted freedom as well as poor economic opportunities. With the help of social media such as Twitter feeds, liveblogs, videos as well as photos it was distributed all over the web  instantly despite of the limited access to internet in many participating countries. In western media platforms social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter were credited in order to help propelling the “Arab Revolution”. With the help of social media large group was able to gather in a short period of time. It provided people with a platform where they could express their harmony, both in the country as well as with others in the region and beyond.

People started forming their group with the help of people they know on Facebook or Twitter. News of every step was updated on minute basis for people to know about the condition and their support in the revolution. Digital and social media enabled communication among and inside overloaded nations, and helped the discontent that had been sparkling below the surface to become a collective struggle.

  • Role of social media in London riots: Certainly, the riots introduced a question of role of social media in civil unrest from the more striking locations of the Arab Spring into a more accustomed atmosphere. The most powerful and up-to-date assembling appears to be taken place on a more adapt social network named as Blackberry Messenger (BBM). With the help of BBM, users are allowed to send one-to-many messages to the people in their contacts who are connected through “BBM PINs”. Unlike Twitter and Facebook many of the messaged send through BBM are untraceable by the authorities.

During the riots one Sunday BBM broadcast that people from all around the London should gather together to damage shops at Oxford Street. It was said that people from all sides of London should come together to get free stuff from the shops smashed. Before the violence took place at Enfield a message was sent through BBM saying that everyone in Edmonton Enfield wood green everywhere in the north to gather at Enfield town station at 4 o’clock sharp. Now there is one thing to remember that there is nothing that is accidental about the marketable conventional media aggressive social media. It is said that twitter was not that used during the riots as compared to the blackberry messenger network. It is said that Blackberry is used by 37 per cent of the British teens. And therefore it is said that Twitter is generally made into use by older people.

This probably explains that this was the reason why there was the minimal warning of riots braked out on Twitter in spite of use of social media for broadcast photos of the current situation as well as of cheers of looters. Everyone is in search of the culprit, where someone blame social sites Facebook or Twitter and some people blaming on the pinning the violence with BBM. As suspected that the people involved in riots were mainly British teens, they have made all possible use of BBM to get the riot more serious as well as dangerous.

  • Role of social media in Disaster Relief: Social media have been proven as the best tools for the company in order to perform marketing. But sometimes the greater power of social media becomes positively deceptive for convinced times. One of those times is considered as the time earthquake tool place in NZ. Although general public was aware of the situation for a very short period of time but social media came up with the share of the victims about their situation with their family, friends and loved ones. Social media was able to organise aid for these people at an extraordinary speed. Organisations were able to monitor the situation with the help of social media in the manner individuals were able to do.

With the help of social media updates organisations were able to know where exactly they have to provide support. Google supported this situation by providing the service of People Finder along with the setup of Crisis Response Page, which gave the news as well as information regarding various locations. With the help of real-time sites such as Twitter, there was no such moment where people could not find information of all around the world at an instance. Individuals as well as organisations were tweeting on Twitter regarding ways to donate, emergency call numbers, tentative plans to open up airports, photos as well as videos of damage etc.

  • Role of social media in India’s fight against corruption: It has been just four days of Anna Hazare to be on “fast unto death” movement and it has been seen that over 116,000 fans on Facebook and 5600 followers on Twitter in support of the movement. If seen from the point of view of Facebook we get the following data.
  1. More than 116,000 people joined hands on Facebook towards the support of the movement. There has been organic growth seen in the page.
  2. The rate of interaction on page of Facebook is 0.7 per cent that is about 4 times more than the interaction rate of 10 top Facebook pages in India.
  3. More than 60 posts have been seen on the page in the past 24 hours.
  4. Major parts of the country have started with “Candle Light Support” that shows their support for Anna Hazare.
  5. Over a thousand photos and videos have been uploaded by supporters on the fan page itself.
  6. The movement has got close to 15000 thousand uploads of badge on their displayed picture.
  7. Anna Hazare himself was able to get more than 25000 fans on his fan page and around 45000 people on the event page to garner support.

Now we can see the effects of Twitter in fight against corruption in India:

  1. In last 24 hours, the five trending topics in India were regarding this movement.
  2. Famous celebrities as well as influential figures have taken active participation in tweeting their support
  3. The official twitter account has got more than 5500 followers

The above stories reveal the role that is played by social media in the current era of life. Social sites have become a source for people sharing everything regarding their personal or professional or social life. Today, every bit of the current situation is being posted on social media sites. People today have made social media sites an important part of their life. A proper communication centre has been developed by these sites for people all around the world. Social media plays a very important role in day-to-day constitution of life.

With social media, it is easy to communicate with masses that can help to grow the groups to support the cause. Within very short time the news can spread across miles and can help to influence over group of people from all parts of life.

People love to share every bit of their situation through social media sites. On one part we can say that social media is beneficial for the society as it provides you with every bit of the current situation regarding any issue. But if seen from the negative side, this impact can be made into use by the people who are against the situation. Every bit of the information can be hazardous in case where people who are against looking for the information. But at last it is said that Social media has its own status in the world.

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