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Is Google’s Privacy Policy a question to worry about?

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The world is yet again calling Google "evil". This time it is because of the blog post that describes that Google is on to announce privacy policies which will be applied to Google products from Gmail to Picasa to YouTube. Together with simplifying the privacy policy, Google is planning to have more overlap in your information from various services.

The new policy clears that if you are signed in, Google may combine information provided by you from one service to the information from other services. In short, the search giant will treat you as the single user across all their products, which will make a simpler as well as more intuitive Google experience for you.

Google has already provided with a taste with the name "Search Plus Your World" which merges Google with Google search to provide you with more prominent personal results. Google maintains an archive of its privacy policies. Since October 2005, in the ‘information you provide’ section the company stated that they may combine the information submitted in your account with the information from other Google services or third parties for providing you with a better experience as well as to make improvements in the quality of their services.

What actually changing is Google practices and not Google policies. By combining information from all across its services, Google will be able to target better users with ads, offering more innovative features and all this is done to better compete with the Social media giant Facebook.

When Google starts bundling everything, it better knows about its users and it will trot out the evil label when the company will start selling them to insurance companies, background check companies as well as Department of Homeland security. Everyone wants Google to do something truly evil that their perceptions of Google actions are actually being affected.

In just over a fortnight Google will make some changes in the privacy policies as well as Google Terms of Service. This is the kind of stuff that really matters, so it is indeed necessary to explain what changes are taking place, why and what these changes mean for users.

Firstly changes in privacy policies. Google is adding more than 70 privacy documents covering all the various products. The new main policy will cover the majority of products and will explain what information is collected and how to use it, in much more readable way. The changes will take place from
March 1st 2012.

The main change will be for users with Google Accounts. Google terms of service will be the terms that you have to agree when you use products of Google. They will be written in the form that will be easier to read. Google have also cut down the total number, and many of their products will be
covered under their Google terms of service.

Millions of people world wide have to come to reply on the daily use of google services, which therefore means that each and every changes made to their policies is likely to affect the overwhelming majority of its users. So do take the time to at least have a glance at their policy.

If you have strong opinions related to google policy, do leave us a feedback, Many thanks!

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