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Trial & Error

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Humanity developed lots of methods to make their lives easier. Scientific, social, psychological methods were developed for different aspects of life like administration or trade. People who want to make money on the internet implemented some of these methods to their online businesses with success. However to be successful they also made a lot of mistakes and some of them gave up in a short time. It was the trial and error phase of Internet marketing. People still try new things and they sometimes fail but in this new age of Internet, people who take lessons from the failures of their predecessors reach success easier.

You must have heard of the "brute forcing attacks" to break passwords of people to the websites with membership. Those attacks are the best example of the trial and error process. The attackers take a baby names dictionary; they eliminate some of the words that seem unlikely to be used as user name or password, and try these words one by one using software designed only for this reason. If we forget the password of our briefcase we can start to try all the numbers starting from "000." If our password is "999" we should try all the 999 numbers before we find our password. It is not a very nice thing to imagine isn't it?

Trial and error is also a scientific method. When you have an objective and different variables to reach that objective you can try the same thing changing one variable at a time. For example if you want to turn lead into gold like the alchemists of the Middle Ages, the temperature of the room, your altitude (to change the pressure), the other chemical you use are all variables. You change one variable, make the experiment, and wait for the result and if you can't obtain the result you wanted, you reset the variable and change another one. The notes of other alchemists were very valuable in the Middle Ages because in those notes there were all the failures of the old alchemists.

Everybody enjoys success stories. Success stories must be considered as light reading in my opinion. There are no lessons in them and they are mostly exaggerated. Nobody exaggerate their failure stories on the other hand. You can learn valuable lessons from a shipwreck. Titanic sank on its first voyage. After this catastrophe sonar technology boomed and new sonar systems were installed in all ships. New regulations and laws about life boats were passed from the governments. If Titanic was still swimming on our oceans, it would be just another cruise ship taking people to vacations but now it is one of the hardest learned lessons in our history.

Failures of other people are still valuable. In fact they are more valuable than their successes. If you really want to make money on the internet you shouldn't fool yourself with success stories. Failures may be harder to digest but the best lessons are learned from the failures of other people.

Stephen Pierce is an international bestselling author who has appeared in numerous TV networks teaching people how to make money on the internet. You can learn more about his multi-million-dollar success and learn how to make money on the internet right now!

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