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The relationship between the populations, labour force along with demand for goods and products results in the opening for jobs. Population is the main reason that puts a restriction on the size of the labour force that comprises of individuals who work and individuals who are looking for work. The reason behind the limitation of the quantity of the goods and services that can be produced is the size and the productivity of the labour force. Industries expand or contract on the basis of the influence of changes made on the demand for the goods and services. Due to the improvements in technology and productivity there have been changes in the occupation that have their own tasks.

The supply of the workers is totally affected by the occupation that is employed by the industry. The main foundation of the employment projection programs is the examination done on the past and present changes made in these relationships so that it becomes possible to project future shifts. Further information gives the highlights of population, labour force and occupational and industrial employment projections from the year 2008 to the year 2018. The U.S economy can be influenced by number of changes due to the shifts in the size and composition of the population. Population is also responsible for the production of corresponding changes in the size and composition of the labour force.

The non- institutional civilian population of U.S including the individuals under the age of 16 is expected to expand by 25.1million from the year 2008 to year 2018. The projected growth rate between the year 2008-2018 that is 10.7 per cent is less than the 11.2 per cent of growth rate in the between the period of 1988-1998 and 13.9 per cent for the year 1998-2008. The population growth will change according to the age group, race and ethnicity as in the past few decades. Population is considered to be the top most factors that is responsible for the determination of the size and composition of the labour force.

The projection says that the civilian labour force will reach to 166.9 in the year 2018 which is about 8.2 per cent increase. It is expected that the U.S workforce will become more diverse by the year 2018. Amongst the racial group it is said that Whites will decrease their share of labour whereas the Blacks and the Asians will increase their share. Women are expected to grow slightly faster than men in the labour force. The male labour force is expected to increase about 7.5 per cent whereas the women labour force is supposed to be increased by 9.0 per cent by the year 2018. The employment rate is expected to increase by 10 per cent between the periods of 2008-2018.

About 15.3 million jobs are expected to be added by the year 2018 but this will not be evenly distributed between the major industries and occupational groups. The economy structure of U.S will be on a continuous change due to the improvements in the technology and various other factors.

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