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The Job search scenario in Netherlands

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Job search service Netherlands

The Océ Business Services is a leader in document process management and electronic discovery services from Netherlands. The officials from Océ Business Services are representing educational workshops on career transition and quality control in mail center operations hosting a roundtable on Six Sigma business performance management strategies at the National Postal Forum Conference, held at San Diego from 1st through 4th May, 2011.

Breaking News
PPG Industries (Australia) is the world’s second largest coating company. Like every major company PPG also suffered by global economic disaster. The company faced a extreme turn down in the automotive and home building marketplace. Hence, it shut down industries in the US, France, Netherlands and Canada. This closure of plants affected 2500 employers, which in turn comes to 5.6% of company’s workforce world wide.

Unemployment rate
Euro statement speaks the lowest unemployment rates were recorded the Netherlands as 4.2%, Austria 4.3% and so on. This covers overall employment in Netherlands. In March, 2011, the unemployment rate (below 25s) in Netherlands was 6.9%. The lowest percentage compared to that of Eurozone approximate 21% combining male and female unemployment.

An article in The wall Street Journal, on April 21st read; The OECD – Organization for Economic Operation and Development – said while evaluating the unemployment worldwide, the countries like Netherlands and Germany can phase out public subsidies, for example short-term work programs.

Job services in Netherlands
The Telegraph published an articles mentioning about the PMI – purchasing manager’s index for the Eurozone which is rise in April, and new requirements have risen fast than anticipated. The optimism of the PMI data reproduced sturdy job openings in Germany, Austria and Netherlands.

TSYS is starting the center offering bilingual – French and English- customer care service. This is creating 450 job openings in Netherlands.
Noldus Information Technology located in Netherlands, has created job openings.

A US based telecom company Powerstorm, has current openings for their office in Netherlands.

There are many openings for Netherlands candidate in Europe in different sectors. The Netherlands logistics and communications infrastructure employees and tech-advanced group are assets for European IT sector. The candidates from Netherlands are finding it easier to get work permit within Holland’s high-tech sector; being scarcity of computer skilled workers’ availability. Many candidates from Southeast Asia get temporary but highly lucrative jobs in the Netherlands.

The AWT – Advisory Council for Science and Technology is the advisory body for the Dutch government for IT matters.

There is a tremendous potential for job growth in Netherlands and overall Europe owing to very strong and stable governments, reserve capital and funds and large cap companies to support the economy. However, the slowdown has hurt most organizations including the governments. However, they are pumping in cash and reserves to bring the economy back up.

Tourism seems to be a hot business proposition owning to lovely landscape of the country supported by the logistics (hotels, transportation, food, shopping, etc). The NBTC–Dutch tourist Board- head mentions Tourism in Netherlands has a great capacity of creating potential new jobs. Please contact your nearest job search service Netherlands portal or service bureau and check out opportunities today!!

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