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Unemployment insurance in New York

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Unemployment is no more a political situation that can be handled by sitting in the assemblies, its more like a disease which is spreading and slowly gripping the worlds largest economies with its affects. Nearly every big country is becoming a slave to unemployment, in such scenarios the governments policies and laws are very mandatory for their citizens and their well being.

New York the business capital for America is also not spared with this grave problem, but the government has said to make life a little more stable with the introduction of unemployment insurance. This insurance is for those individuals who have lost their incomes recently and are facing the situation of unemployment.

But the basic criteria in this insurance is that its eligible for those individuals who have lost their income and jobs not for their personal reasons. People who have got laid off due to economic slowdown or have go unemployed for the sudden closure of their companies are only eligible for this unemployment insurance.

New York job situation is not as adverse as the situation in Europe, the people here are still willing to get their jobs back and work harder to get the New York job scene back to normal. Unemployment insurance is basically for those individuals who have been working all thru and getting sustainable wages, and is ready to work as soon as they get a new job.

In New York the benefit of having unemployment insurance is that the money for the premium is paid by the taxes of the employer who laid the worker off his job, not a penny is paid by the worker. But there are certain conditions slated by the Labor Laws of New York which, clearly state that this insurance is only a temporary income provision for the worker and his depended family. Though the amount and the eligibility of the insurance is only determined by the Department of Labor New York.

The basic rules for eligibility being as below-
1. Able and Available- the worker must be able ad ready to work again, they must be physically and mentally fit and proficient to restart when job offered.

2. Account Balance- the employers account status is taken into account, as per the income at the end of the financial year the taxes are calculated which are used for the payment in the insurance.

3. Appeal- a letter or formal appeal of the employer in the name of the worker who has applied for unemployment insurance, accepting the claimants claim.

With the help of this very useful tool to help unemployed people, the government ensures that people sustain in hard times but also ensure that they don’t take undue advantage of the facility. This is very important for the success of this government scheme.

With industrialization, recession and global economic crisis all around, unemployment is going to be a very big socio-economic problem. Therefore governments all around the world need to ensure that they provide sufficient cover and support to the unemployed by creating more job opportunities but ensure help goes out to those who need it, not misuse it.

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