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How Data Recovery Experts Save Your Computer Data

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computer repair, pc support

When valuable data is corrupted, damaged, lost or otherwise inaccessible, it needs to be recovered. However, in order to do so properly, and not damage your computer any farther, you usually need to hire an expert. So what should you look for, and how should you locate a data recovery expert? Thats what this article is all about.

Data can be lost from physical failures, or logical failures to the hard drive, such as virus or accidental deletion of certain files, and file components.

Depending upon the situation, a certain expert may be needed. Some experts only specialize in physical failures, when you lose everything to a mechanical function, for example. If you need to get data recovery because of a physical failure, it often requires your hard drive be worked on in a sterile environment, free of dust, and with specialized tools. Also, the knowledge needed to repair a physical damage is a lot different than the knowledge needed to recover lost, or accidentally deleted data.

All professional data recovery experts will initially check the hard drive, and assess the probable cause, before starting to do any recovery techniques. Also, they will make sure to get your approval of the fee and course of action, before they start any work.

If damage is done because of a logical process, the recovery process will be made by copying the disk image, sector by sector, and then generating the lost data from this copy.

Depending up on your situation, and the expert you higher, the fees can range from anywhere to as little as $50 an hour, to more than the price of the computer itself. If youre worried about price, then you should contact a variety of different data recovery experts, before making a final decision. Also remember, prices arent everything. You also have to consider the quality of service, the expertise of the professional, and the requirement to recover your data.

Sometimes no data recovery experts are even needed. There are specialized software you can use, and some of them are just about as good at recovering data is any expert on the market, in most cases. If youre interested in going to software route, Id like you to look around and read different reviews of software, and see if you can download the trial version to fix the problem.

In conclusion, I have given you some points to consider, regarding data recovery experts. Take this advice and apply to your situation, to make the right decision when and if you decide to hire a data recovery expert.

About the Author: Steven Ross is a well-known technology expert. Come read more of his interesting and informative articles about Computer Technology and Disk Imaging Software at Disk Imaging Software Site. Data Software Recovery.

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Computer Virus Repair

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computer repair, pc support

Viruses happen. Theyve been around for years and unfortunately that doesnt look like changing. What happens when you need to do a computer virus repair?

Of course, you should be running up to date anti virus software at all times.

But occasionally a virus will still slip through - an update fails, the anti virus software company launch a new version that causes your current one to stop getting updates or youve just plain ignored the 'you need to update' messages.

So what do you need to do when you need to perform a virus repair on your computer?

If youre not already running an up to date virus removal program, install one now. Most of the programs around can cure most viruses for you when they detect that youve got a problem. If youve got a boot sector virus you may not be so lucky, but otherwise theres a good chance that they can help.

Unplug your network and internet cables. Disconnect from your home wireless network before you cause any damage there.

Then run the anti virus program, following any virus disinfection prompts as they appear.

Once thats been done, reconnect your internet connection and if necessary update your anti virus software with the latest virus signatures and then re-run the software.

With luck, youve now repaired any virus infection you may have had.

Next, make sure you keep it that way.

Get Windows Security Center to advise you when there problems with your virus repair software. If youre running XP or Vista, youll find the Security Center in your Control Panel (or just search Help and it will point you in the right direction).

Check your virus repair software settings. Make sure that the virus signatures are regularly updated so that you keep any potential future infection safely out of harms way.

Get a free virus diagnosis tool to check whether your computer is at risk from viruses.

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