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Internet has generated vast web world today. Most of the businesses are carried with internet. All it evolved variety of web based services including web design and other services. Search engine optimization is one of the services invented to grow businesses. Along with search engine optimization, many other services are available on internet to promote businesses and make online marketing. All these services are together termed as search engine marketing or SEM. It is shortly referred as search marketing. Nowadays; there are many SEM companies across the web serving clients around the world.

SEM company provides two main services. They are search engine optimization for gaining traffic and paid search advertising services for marketing your business. The paid advertising services include pay per click services, branding, landing pages, content marketing, mobile marketing etc. is a SEM company UK that provides this variety of services to the clients worldwide.

All these search marketing services offered by SEM company are very much dependant on rules and regular updates from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Search engines, their searching algorithms and strategies and policies used by these search engines play vital role in all SEM services. Latest news and updates from these search engines are relevant for SEM company to enhance its services.

Recently, Google brought instant previews for ads similar to its previews for With this feature, users can view graphical overview of ads landing page. This is very helpful feature for users to search the right contents. This feature is also useful for SEM company. It can use it to explore the content for the business they are advertising for and it ultimately help to encourage right customers towards their site and products. This feature of instant previews is first rolled in United States and in next few weeks, it is coming out globally.

In last week, Google has made it easy for webmasters to remove incorrect or private URLs from the Google index. Incorrect or private URLs are unwanted URLs in search results. Now, they can be removed easily. Earlier, it is required to block access to page/file using robots.txt before removing it. Now it is changed.

Google webmaster tools need to verify sites by site owners and webmaster team accepts request for removing URL. You can issue request to remove URL using this tool and Google considers it as temporary and will not display the URL in the results but GoogleBot will continue it for next three months. In this time lag, you can revoke your request. For removing URL permanently, Google suggests to use robots.txt file, noindex tag, or return 410 statues code (permanently removed) or 404 (Not found) codes.

Recently, Bing has added set of social features to its search result pages. Now one can share its search results with others. These new features include shared shopping lists, improved link results, sites, and answers, popular sites. These features are helpful in
search engine marketing companies
to promote businesses using social media. These updates are helpful to SEM company for serving their clients efficiently.

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