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Pros and Cons of Some Google Services

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Introduction to Google

Google is one of the most used search engine around the world. It was developed as a PhD research project by two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin in the year 1996 and it was launched on 15th September, 1997 with URL The name of the project was BackRub which was then renamed as Google. Google actually comes from word Googol which is a mathematical term with 1 and hundred zeros. The name Google was given by Co-founder of Sun microsystems when he gave cheque for $100000 in the name of Google Inc. to Larry Page and Sergey Brin. At that time the company Google Inc. was not into existence. Google is considered to be most used internet search engine which has around 400 million queries search every day. This search hits are far more as compared to that of other search engines. There are more than 25 billion web pages on the World Wide Web which are indexed by Google search engine.

The success of Google has been tremendous in a short time span. Other than search engine, Google is very much famous for its other services. There are many services that are offered by Google. The services that are offered by Google vary from mail to social media network to keyword research tool. These services are used by the users of Google either to send emails to someone or to use it as an optimizing tool for website.

Find Below The Google Services we'll be looking into:

  • Gmail
  • Adwords
  • Google +
  • Blogger

A - Gmail

Gmail is the free advertising–supported email service delivered by Google. Gmail can be accessed as a secure web mail. When you sign up with Gmail account you are provided with seven Gigabytes of online storage without any cost. This makes it possible for you to store your files online rather than storing them on your hard drive. This sounds to be the convenient way for transportation of files. But still these services together with advantages have disadvantages also.

Pros of Gmail services

    • 1. Wherever you go your Gmail services are there for you. Therefore you get all your files that you have stored online with the Gmail service. With the help of internet access you can easily access all your files anywhere and everywhere. Gmail is said to be completely online based email client and is designed in order be accessed with the help of any Web browser on any operating system.
    • 2. Stephen Lilley in Demand Media gave advantage of Gmail as it has a huge capacity. Google’s online storage by Gmail clocks in at over seven Gigabytes of space. This space is the larger amount that most of the USB flash drive serves for a similar purpose. This allows you to store large amount of files online making use of your Gmail account. You do not easily require making deletions of your mail just for the purpose of storage.

Cons of Gmail

    • 1. For the access of Gmail the only thing that you require is password. So if you forget to your password then you are blocked from getting access to your account. When you go for the Gmail recovery option you are for the security question, the answer to which can help you to recover your password. If you forget the answer to that particular question then you are not able to access your account due to which you are permanently lost with the files as your accounts get blocked.
    • 2. The second disadvantage that Gmail consists of is that it is Internet-based. It is a fact that your files are stored online which is an advantage but this also has a disadvantage. If you internet connection goes down then you lose access to your files and you are unable to get to the Gmail account. Similarly, if your connection slow down then it will take much longer time for you to access your files as compared to if they are stored in hard drive.

B - Google AdWords:

If we talk about pros and cons of humans and animals then we can say that what humans have is not possessed by animals and vice versa. Therefore to evaluate the pros and cons of Google AdWords we need to compare it with different other services provided by their competitors such as Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. Let’s discuss about the advantages and disadvantages provided by Google AdWords. Google AdWords have maintained their services so well that advertisers do not have any kind of doubt on their services.

Pros of Google AdWords

    • 1. Google AdWords are more towards on control. You are able to set your own rate for CPC in the range of $0.01 to $100. With Google AdWords you are able to manage and create your own targeted ads. Daily budget is also set to low at 1 cent. It also provides you with the facility to enable or disable your ads whenever you want because you are required to control your own ad.
    • 2. With Google AdWords you are provided with tools such as Google Keyword Tool which can help you to determine how much your keywords will cost with per visitor click. You can have control on your own price as your budget entirely depends on it. Very soon, Google AdWords is going to add more features for the advertiser’s convenience.
    • 3. Google AdWords are said to be very active for the service they provide to their customers. With the help of their Google Help Centre, users can ask question to them which will be answered as soon as possible. The customer service provided to them is very friendly as well as entertaining for more customers actively.

Cons of Google AdWords

    • 1. Google AdWords has its own limitation. They do not allow advertisers to put ads on distrustful sites like gambling, adult, pornography, steroid-type sites as well as scam sites. Failure of following the rule may result into suspension or disablement of your account.
    • 2. If an advertiser id banned from Google AdWords, then there is only little chance for them for getting reinstate in Google by their appeal form. Google AdWords are very strict in terms of violation so there are very less chance for their reconsideration in their program.

C - Google+:

Entire web is still talking about the new social initiative of the search giant and answer to Facebook. Now that it has been out in the rough from few days, people are able to assess social network of Google, especially when it is hitting a home run and where it is striking out. As per Ben Parr Google+ was an ambitious answer to Facebook. It converts all of Google into one giant social network. A proper poll was also done for the review of Google+. Following are the pros and cons of Google Plus.

Pros and cons of Google

    • 1. The users of Google+ commented on sleekness of its users interface. It is clean, easy to use as well as not cluttered. The big reason behind this is Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original designers of the GUI of Apple Macintosh. Google provided him with free reign for designing the UI of Google+.
    • 2. Users have given very positive reaction on the Circles of Google+. Users say that it is the easiest system for putting their friends in groups, easier for sharing posts etc. Kaywan Farzeneh said that “selection of content pushing as well as intake with groups is awesome”. As per Jonathan Davis Circles makes it very easy for being friend with random people online.
    • 3. Hangouts have been the feature that has stood out all above the other features of Google+. Hangouts let’s ten users simultaneously do video chat with one another. Users can easily join these hangouts. That particular change in how the video chat is performed has proven to be a winner.
    • 4. Google SVP of social Vic Gundotra said Mashable that “the company has given the social platform named of Google+ because it was designed to be an extension of Google”. Plus sign is just a small addition to the Google of logo because the search giant wanted people to think about Google+ as just Google. As a part of that initiative, Google+ is on each product of Google. The notifications of Google+ appear in Gmail, Google Docs as well as on almost every Google product. It is accessible from every part of yours.

Cons of Google+

    • 1. Google+ is designed in order to reduce noise in the stream by making use of circles, but still it is too noisy for most of the users. As per Steven Crader “feed shows recent updates irrespective of the original post time relatively posts in a chronological order”. As per Spencer Scott “Timeline needs to be properly customized particularly when following people with high-profile”.
    • 2. During the hangout session of Google+ that was held with Google VP of Product Management Bradley Horowitz, showed that the biggest feedback so far is that want of user to make use of Google+ with their Application accounts of Google. Many people make primary use of email addresses linked to Google Applications Accounts.
    • 3. Google is popularly known for its search, so the question arises that why the engine is not with Google+ for finding the contents that the friends are sharing. As per Lenny Neslin “Search for the people on top fields opens a new tab rather than displaying results in the stream.”

D - Blogger

there are number of blog providers on the internet, but each platform of blog has their own pros and cons. Every one of them has their own determinations of blogging. Therefore if you are a blogger you need to select a good platform for your blog. Google blogger provides you with many of the advantages which force you to make selection of it.

Pros of Blogger

    • 1. It is free of cost as well as it is running on strong Operating system. You will always be connecting to the blogger and you also check for the status of Blogger. It can be easily listed on search engines.
    • 2. It is supported by many languages. It is provided with many tools that are ready for use in Blogger as well as some in the development. It is very easy for changing templates.
    • 3. There is no limit of bandwidth, number of blog as well as comments. They are no limit for number of users to make use of same account. Easy in implementation of JavaScript into template. You can also make use of your own domain for your blog.

Cons of Blogger

  • 1. It is limited to 1MB for 1 page. You are only provided with 300 MB for storing image. The description must be under 500 words.
  • 2. The interests and favourites of profile must be below 200 words for every box. Blogger does not consist of a tool that can connect people on the same network like Yahoo 360.
  • 3. As compared to WordPress the templates are not too many.

The list of all the above Google products includes major desktop mobile as well as online products that are released or acquired by Google Inc. they are either release of gold or are in beta development or are a part of official Google Labs initiative. This list also includes previous products, which have been compound, discarded or renamed. Make use of all these benefits provided by Google. Pros and cons are always there with every service provider but you should always look for the work of benefits. Look out for the benefits given by Google and always be attached to it.

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