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Website structure | Corporate Authority Website Structure vs Mini-Site Website structure

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A website structure is essentially the backbone of your website, and it’s an indirect way to control user’s behaviour once they land onto your site. A good or bad website structure can literally be the difference between success and failure when it comes to online products or services sales! A good website structure is more likely to provide you a better user experience and therefore higher conversion rate, compared to a bad website structure that will leave your potential customers be confused about your products or services you have to offer. Whether you are a Corporate or small business, having an adequate website structure will help set the fundamentals for a success in your online marketing endeavours.

Corporate Authority website structure:

  • a-Great Planning is required before you start such site, from website name, to different parent categories, to child categories, to pages you are going to include in your website structure.
  • b-Those website usually have thousands even millions of pages.
  • c- Typically developed using Joomla / Drupal based content management system. (Makes it easy to do the on-page optimization “h1, h2, h3 tags, title tags, meta tags, keywords tags”, and dynamically alter information whenever required.
  • d- Header navigation menus often contain a number of drop down sub-menus which in term when you click on each of those sub-menus, you are lead onto a number of other links that contain sub-links.
  • e- The general experience is that you often have a great experience browsing corporate authority website, due to the way they are organised and the ease to find what you are after.
  • f- Footer links usually contain important links such as: contact us, social media links, FAQ , help & resources links.

Mini-Sites Website Structure

  • a- You need an equally great planning, but only related to the data you wish to display, and how you wish to display it.
  • b- These are usually up to 10 pages sites
  • c- Typically build with WordPress content management system. A platform that is fairly straightforward to set up supported by a number of developers plugins.
  • d- Mini-sites on wordpress platform have got a great design to display all your menus either on the sidebar or on the header menu bar.
  • e- Seo plugins such as “all in one seo” allow you to set up their “title tags, meta tags, keywords tags” of each page you add onto that mini-site, which is essential good for your on-page optimization effort.
  • f- Mini-site structure on wordpress blogs are very user friendly, it’s pretty easy to manage once it is setup, and it’s often the popular choice from webmasters looking to set-up a budget site.

Either corporate authority site or mini-site structure, the 1st and foremost element you must ensure you have got is an appropriate keywords research. The entire concept an idea of a good website structure is only good if you have made you niche market research, and find the relevant keywords people are actively looking for. In which case your website structure will be representative the popular keywords currently researched by potential customers, which will in term make you website very popular with a very good off-line link building effort.

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