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Social Impact Of Mobile Technology | Affect Of The Integration Of Social Apps

Twitter It!

The Integration of Social Apps on Mobile Technology has revolutionized the way we interact and communicate with each other. It has become an integral part of our day to day life and most of us are barely able to manage without it. So the question we are now looking at on this post is : how is this new phenomenon impacting our lives, and is this for the best or the worse?social Media Mobile Technology

With more than 7Billion mobiles phones world wide, mobile communication has become the fastest and most efficient way to communicate. From its early infancy in the 1940s, mobile telephones used to be bulky and used a lot of power, but most importantly, it used to be used for voice communication more than anything else. Much has changed since then because the technology has evolved and mobile phones have become smaller and smaller, and we don't only use them for voice calls, but also video calls, and data browsing over the internet. More and more application developers are spending more time targeting the mobile market due to its rapid growth and internet connectivity that is ever so reliable in the developed countries.

Argument for the positive impact of Mobile Technology

  • Mobile technology offers a convenient meant to remain in touch with friends and people you hold dear to your heart in general.
  • Social platforms (such as twitter, linkedin and twitter) allows to communicate with your contacts a way that email platform don't allow you to, and all that on the move wherever you may be.
  • You can express your emotions, feelings as they happen with your closest friends even if they are in a different country.
  • It provides an escape route from your daily problems, and you always have the ability to communicate with those that you feel more at ease with.
  • It provides you a strong sense of belonging with people that will potentially accept you
  • It gives you the feeling that you can be yourself, as you might find it easier to express yourself via social platforms as opposed to having a face to face with your friends. 
  • You are always in full control of what you say, because you have the opportunity to think about your message before sending it.

Argument Against the Social Impact of Mobile Technology

  • Its rude and really impolite to be on the phone or to be tweeting or be on Facebook while you are the dinner table with your friends or relatives.
  • Mobile testing breads bad manners.
  • The use of mobile technology reduces our ability to interact with one another the way we know that we need to.
  • Friends will refer you to their Facebook post about a particular event they are hosting instead of just telling you the details face to face.
  • Children growing up within this digital age will adopt this mean of communication as the only way to best communicate with each other.
  • Your divided attention may have a negative impact on your surrounding, you may be physically in one location but emotionally, you will always be in another location, which will always make the people you are with feel entirely unwanted and unappreciated.
  • Its now hard to share the most natural of emotions with your friends such as the loss of your dog, most of the time you would want to share that information with your Facebook friends.

In conclusion:

Do mobile Technology and its social integration change who we are and redefine human connections and communication?

  • The answer is almost certainly "Yes"It has now socially acceptable to use social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter among many others...) to communicate with each other.
  • We are now becoming threatened by real face to face communication because we are unconsciously realizing that we have a better grasps of the flow of the conversation over the social platforms whereas when talking face to face with someone we run the risk of loosing the message about who we are and how to best express our wants and our needs. 

How to forsee the evolution of our behavioural change when it comes to social media integration on mobile technology, and what do you make of the above post, is there a genuine point to be discussed in our society?


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