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3 Most Popular Fitness Gadgets: How to remain fit in the comfort of your own home or office?

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Have you had a long day? Have you been under pressure from your boss to get results? Are you going through a difficult patch in your personal life? Are you looking to lose some KGs? Are you having difficulties to make ends meets due to the overwhelming amount of stress generated from all angles of your life? If so, you may want to read further as you are just about to find out the perfect way to help you get a balance in your life. Yes you heard it, the key word here is “Balance”! But the real question here is “how do you achieve that balance that will help you overcome your entire life situation?” Fitness, Fitness, Fitness!

We live in an era where more and more people expect much more of us, and as a result we get more stressed about every aspect of our life, and if you are one of the very many that finds themselves in this situation, maybe the use of the following top fitness gadgets will go a long to help you get the balance right, as it will help you not only get physically fit, but most importantly mentally fit and more positive all together. And consistency is key to it all.

All the below tech gadgets come with motion sensitive add on which allows you to put on a good work out. If you wish to measure your fitness level and see how many calories you have lost, you may wish to get a runners fitness watch to use alongside any of the below fitness gadgets.

1st: Nintendo Wii:

    Initially launch the fitness game concept in 2008 with wii fit, but there latest product is Zumba Fitness, this gadget fitness game is a dancing game supplied with a belt design to detect and synchronize your movements with the chosen character in the game. Essentially this is about learning 9 different dancing styles such as: salsa, meringue, regaetton. For a proper work out you may need up to one hour to help you burn up to 400 calories.

2nd: Playstation 3: Move Controller

    The playstation 3 move has got a host of up to 25 exercises that will help you track your movement, one of those games is “move fitness”, its got a pretty good accuracy of your movements which in terms will allow you a pretty good work out while advising you on how many calories you have lost. This one should definitely have a greater arm movement trackers accuracy than the others gadgets, but may prove to not be as great of a fitness gadget as it supposed to be.

3rd: Xbox 360 and Kinect:

    The game has got a host of excises such as skipping and military training, the motion sensors detect the movement of the entire body while working out.

All of them combined, in theory each time you play each of those games the calories lost as mentioned in the game should match the ones mentioned on your fitness runner’s watch. Research has however revealed that Xbox Kinect is the most reliable tech gadget that allows you to burn the most calories is the Xbox kinect.

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