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Is It Worth Upgrading From Iphone 4s To Iphone 5?

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iPhone 5As Of September 21st, 2012, Apple has released its latest touchscreen based Smartphone : the "Iphone 5", since then, its been available for purchase in Apple stores as well as their online store, and its generated a 5Million sales on its first weekend which is just shy of 5Million sales from the 10million that most analysts had on forecast.  Iphone 5 is an upgraded version of the Iphone 4s, but just how good is this Iphone 5 and is it worth your hard earned cash?


Iphone 5 processing power:

It has an A6 chip instead of the A5 chip that came with the Iphone 4s, which according to apple has twice the graphical processing power that the A5 chip has.

Weight and Display:

Despite having a wider display area (4inches instead of 3.5 inches for on the Iphone 4s),  it looks as though the Iphone 5 is slight lighter (112 grams instead of 140 on the iphone 4s)

Sim Card

The Iphone 5 currently support only nano-sim instead of the micro-sim cards, which therefore means it offers no backward compatibility with micro-sim cards.

Facetime Camera

The Iphone 5 has a 1.2MP and 720p of HD Video as well as a backside illumination sensor. Compared to the Iphone 4s that has a vga resolution photos and video, the Iphone 5 resolution does certainly represent a great improvement.

Video Recording:

The only improvement here is the ability to take still photos while recording videos, face detection and improved video stabilisation.

Head Phone and Connector

  • The Iphone 5 now comes with Apple Earpods with remote and mic instead of Apple Earphones with remote and mic on the Iphone 4s
  • Iphone 4s used a 30-pin connectors whereas the Iphone 5 uses a lightning connector.

Battery Life:

Talking time remains the same as the previous Iphone 4s : 8hrs. However the browsing time has slightly improved: 8hrs on 3G and 10hrs on wifi, compared to the Iphone 4s that had 6hrs on 3G and 9hrs on wifi. The stand by time is now 225 hrs instead of 200hrs on previous version.


As far as the music, videos and graphics enthusiasts is concerned, this is probably the biggest improvement, as the Iphone 5 has got up to 3 storage capacity options stating from 16GB, 32GB and 64GB


3G and Wireless

  • GSM Model : GSM/EDGE
  • Wifi (802.11a/b/g/n; 802.11n on 2.4GHz and 5GHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Intelligent Assistant

  • Great features to help send voice messages and reminders

Everything considered:

Despite a staff row break out in the iPhone manufacturing plant "Foxconn" in Taiwan last week, this did not have much affect in the manufacturing or sales of the iPhone 5. As for the Technical aspect, if you are a tech savvy that likes nothing but the best and latest product out there, this might be a good move to go on purchasing the iPhone 5, it does after all, have a faster processor, and a bigger storage capacity option, as well being slightly lighter despite its wider screen. But was the iPhone 4s that bad when you come to compare smartphones? You Decide...

Do share you opinion below, tells us about your experiences with the iPhone 5 or if you have experience between different iPhones and the latest iPhones 5, and whether you think the upgrade is worth the trouble.

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