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Internet technology has developed a vast world of websites. Today, businesses are incomplete without websites. Website explores lot of information for the surfers as well as it acts like a gateway for businesses. That is why web design and development services are in great demand nowadays. For the businesses in London, there are plenty of web design London service providers. However, internet has diffused all geographical distances and one can get online web design services from any corner of world. Web design London services are efficient in serving all clients around UK using latest technologies and trends for their web design services.

SaveMySystem is one of the web design London services that is well recognize in the web design and development services indutry. Besides website designing, it offers lot of services like web content, E-commerce sites, band and logo designs, flash multimedia solutions etc. Web design services require team of IT professionals and graphic designers in order to design website and develop its code for proper functioning. Nowadays, there are many tools for developing excellent websites. Content management systems like WordPress and Joomla have changed the web design industry magically.

Many new tools and technologies are evolving that help web design services to enhance their solutions to their clients. Recently, Karelia Software launched Sandvox 2.0 for web design professionals. It is upgrade to its visual web design software. This new version incorporates around 60 new features that make it more flexible for website builders. Sandvox 2 facilitates to develop powerful websites. It is the easiest website designing tool for the Mac. Users can post photographs and video along with the text, custom HTML. It includes latest version of iMedia browser that can be used in variety of Mac applications. This upgraded version has plenty of new designs and color combinations for them.

Enhanced Inspector allows adjusting page layouts, including latest page features, and modifying objects easily. Now, HTML users can find this version useful with its Raw HTML object that handles placement and resizing of any JavaScript, HTML, PHP and other web code inserted on the page.

This feature facilitates to use popular embed codes from different websites. New Raw HTML editor automatically checks validity of inserted code. It supports latest HTML 5 web standard and Jquery. Users of this new version need not have deep knowledge of HTML, Jquery, CSS etc. as it facilitate drag and drop facility to its users. Sandvox 2.0 supports Mac OSX10.5 and above. It is currently available in two languages English and French and in few months it is expected in other languages.

Newly released HTML 5 is best alternative for Flash and Dreamweaver. It offers WYSIWIG (What You See Is What You Get) editor for developing animations and interactive websites. HTML 5 is easy to use and there is no need of thorough knowledge of coding. It incorporates web kit that contains rendered preview pane and rich text editor for manipulating text, shapes and images. Many new advanced features of HTML 5 help in animation and creative designs of website. These new inventions are really helpful for web design london to enhance their services.

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