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Cloud Computers Might Be The Next Great Thing – There Are Still Arguments For Renting Server Hosting

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Since the beginning of the Internet, dedicated servers have been around. Dedicated servers are different to the original ones, but still in many ways the same. It is a common belief that dedicated servers only do one thing. However a server can handle many tasks at once. A server can be used for any one of the following tasks.

Website hosting is a popular use for servers. A server can host lots of shared hosting websites, or in some cases just the one. Website hosting servers normally run Linux as it is considered more secure. Money can also be saved on licensing. Web hosting comes in two forms- shared and reseller. Shared allows for a single account, with multiple accounts on one server. A reseller account allows the account holder to host multiple domains under one account.

Servers can also be used as a database server. It depends on the operating system as to what database can be ran. MySQL is normally used with web hosting servers. However, there is also InnoDB, Oracle, and also a Microsoft database engine. Most of the websites on the internet are powered by databases.

Dedicated game servers are used to power gaming servers. There are many advantages of using a dedi server over home PC for game hosting, such as better ping. It also means that all the maths required to work out the player positions etc. does not affect your own game play. A big reason for using dedicated servers for online gaming, is the connectivity. Dedicated servers enjoy a super fast Internet connection as they are housed in datacentres.

Server hosting is also used for file servers. For example, you may have seen links to photos. There are websites that utilises file servers to store these photos. These are supported by banners or advertisements. File servers also host applications and programs. The final use of server is for voice over IP. From Teamspeak to Mumble, VOIP is a growing trend on the net. How these programs work is the voice software is installed and runs on the dedicated server. Then, each person who wants to talk to one another connects to the voice server, which allows for clear and reliable communication.

Recently we have seen the introduction of cloud software. Cloud software spreads services over multiple dedicated servers for flexibility and reliability. Despite this, dedicated servers will always be around and have a use on the net.

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